Daughter of Eve

This game is big, please give it time to load.

never posted this game here on the new site so i thought I should. It is a fighting game but the best by far. coding fighting mechanics and Ai is pretty challenging for me. I had planned to make this into a hentai game later so any ideas are welcome.

offline d/l links

Download (swf)

Download (exe)

CONTROLS for story mode
SIXXE (the guy)
WASD – movement
JK – abilities

ANNIE (the girl)
ARROWS KEYS – movement
NUM4, NUM5 – abilities (num lock needs to be on)

Having trouble with the story fights? Just hold the 0 (zero) button down to kill off the enemy(s).

copy paste stuff

It is a fighting game with story elements build around it.

This game was intended to be a starting point for the timeline in my overall story Journey of the Legendary Crystal Khalei (JLCK).

This game contains literature I wrote called The Semitix. which is a prologue for the story that unfolds in this game.

I did my best to deal with lag, put the game of the lowest settings and perhaps it will help.

also the characters were not designed to be balanced.

I made all the music, if any are interested I can upload it here.

I hope everyone can find the game enjoyable, but realistically… I can’t see it happening.