ARIA updates and input requested

I think I am done with most of what I plan to add for the next release.
none of this is tested so I needed to test everything myself before a beta can begin.

some changes I added yesterday evening:
-finished the first implementation of the map that can effect the space battle.
-there are 4 exploration areas, but only 3 are playable so far. 2 station maps, and 1 asteroid map. the other is a random space map with no walls, you may just get lucky and may find something floating in space.
-4 main girls can now get injured in exploration, raid, or space combat. them recovering will be priority over any other order you given them besides punishment.
-without Goo and/or Remi there is only a 1/3 chance that they will recover when you assign them the order to recover.
-recovering restores a lot of fatigue, and consumes a lot of food.
-2 new ships are added one simply controls if the enemy the shields are active during the battle. And the other ship increases enemy laser damage, firing rate and direct lock-on damage. they both can be removed with raids.

things I will add before next release:
-when you battle with Jeo all girls obey and loves raises slightly
-if you crash a exploration pod you will need to rebuild one.
-recovering will consume medical pack or something. and you will need to make more to recover the girls.
-dialogue segments that happen after each day, or mission from the map.

I believe vandread had something like this, but even if not I wanted to add it in. it would something similar to the “TALK” order where they girls say something in a 1 on 1 conversation with Jeo. It can be about anything Phia talking about to past sex fling or whatever, just stuff to help explain the personality of the characters. so if you have any ideas for conversations with each girl and Jeo please post them. I will be adding those in today hopefully. and can do some testing on my end.

below are current screenshots:

you can see below the “RECOVER” option added to orders and the MAP added.

This is not the most graceful way to do the map but it is functional. and that is all I was going for so far. I might take off the colors though and just have all the buttons blue. I assume people would need to read to play this game effectively anyway.

I “died” on a exploration run with Bri so now she is injured and her status is blacked/greyed out.

Bri recovered after giver her some recover orders! Now she can continue being worried about everything

Facing the full force of the GemCo fleet without any battle preparation (especially on hard mode) is not a good idea. Here I am about to get blasted in 4 seconds right at the start of the battle. And this is without the Boss Ship

don’t forget to leave and idea for dialogue interactions thanks.