Amp story updates

From time to time I get asked the question if the pic with Amp in it that can be seen on my patreon page is unlockable in the ARIA game. While it is not unlockable in the ARIA game, it will be a part of this Amp side story game.

Yesterday I finished most of the script, outlined what will take place, and gathered everything together to make the Amp side story game. I had to check out some DoE stuff to make sure everything lined up, it gets pretty complex but that is the fun of it. I at one point thought Sixxe might have been here also here but he actually isn’t.

The game will revolve around Amp’s last raid on GemCo facilities and why Tempo thinks she is dead in DoE. It will be similar to the Arielle story game in many ways however the minigames will be the the being raided or raid defense minigames. You will just be playing as Amp for this but Amp will be loaded out with more tech.

a few objectives of this that come to mind for this game are:
Explain why Tempo is so mad a Wave and why they both think Amp is dead
As you may or may not know from DoE, Wave becomes the host of the Semitix so this explains more of Wave emotions that the Semitix inherits.
Give clues into the nature of Goo and the Ai robot and and the person who is responsible for Goo being the way she is.
Explain more about GemCo execs.

Keep in mind that this game wakes place well before ARIA and DoE takes place much later on.

Below is a pic of the ARIA version of Tempo and her sisters. They intentionally look identical.

Below is the older DoE version of the characters. yes I know there are several differences from the pic above.