January 2, 2024

7 thoughts on “MMD: Firework

  1. You probably was trying to shade light and dark when the spot she was at. But end up looking the way it is. This model with the effect looks to fit more in a cave than in the background you pick. The floor have a pool of water where she dances. While the rocks look dark crystal like. Might probably fit. Or it can also go wrong too.

    1. I might redo it today but I’ll probably have the same setting.
      Yeah the room is supposed to be overall dark

        1. The lights weren’t indented to light the room. just to make the camera light effect like at the start when you see the specs on the screen. Also to have the white outlines on the body. But I figured if you thought the room should be light then others might also, and I’d rather avoid comments about it, so I just made it lighter lol. I also just realized not all the lights are even shining lol. oh well.

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