January 2, 2024

121 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc Walkthrough

    1. I don’t get how to play the h game, i cannot guess a number and i don’t find the logic, could you explain

      1. you are probably trying to view something in 16. I will post it early next month. But if you like the game please support the patreon if you are able to.

    2. sorry if im a bit slow but how do i get medals for swimming? everytime i swim they dont give me a medal whatsoever

    3. What photo do you need when Kyle is alone in the photo room and Pattie asks “I have a buyer who wants something in tight clothes”

  1. Spoted a typo.
    Last sentence:
    Holly x Group – Select Luma during the cafe dialogue scene
    should have been:
    Holly x Group – Select Holly during the cafe dialogue scene

  2. Just curious but, will Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc have the same feature from the previous game where you could get a boy to follow you to the forest, beach, shower or bedroom and have sex with them?

    1. Will it ever have it? I can’t say for sure one way or another. It is not currently on my list of stuff to add. Things in UMCH are implemented different from UMCC, and for the most part the random sandbox sex doesn’t blend well with what I am trying to do here in UMCH.

      For example say a male character is trying to start dating/fucking a female character they like in the story. It doesn’t make sense if that male character is regularly fucking Maiko and spending all this time following her around everywhere.

      There is some outdoor sex scenes currently in the game, but just not with random characters.

      1. Perhaps someday with some time and patience, we can have a sandbox mode separate from the main scripted story mode; it would simulate quite like UMCC. I think a lot of people enjoyed the sandbox, slice of life ‘you are a high school girl Maiko, what kind of crazy antics can you get into?’ adult game and I think there’s value in considering it whilst you put those features on the back burner. ;P

        1. I won’t lie, I always have a soft spot for UMCC aka “Maiko’s reverse harem simulator”. I would be nice to have those features brought into UMCH but most likely he’ll just go and make another game.

          1. yeah with Maiko I’m trying to tell a specific story for some events that I plan for later on. A sandbox really wrecks that effort because it becomes the focus and destroys any sense I tried to make with character personalities. Ultimately I’m trying to write story, not make a sandbox. However having said that, as I mentioned one or twice in the past. Maiko might not be the only playable character later on. But I’ll talk more on that later.

  3. I would like to know if the cafe scenes will also have the blowjob, paizuri and handjob services like in UMCC, or have they been completely replaced with the unique scenes?

    Also, will every girl be able to work at the cafe? I do realize that you have answered a similar question (Will every guy follow Maiko around), but it is something I’ve been wanting to know for some time.


    1. The double handjob will make a return but possibly not in the cafe. The art is already complete for it. Maiko paizuri is already in the cafe, even in the current public demo v6a. Maiko has blowjob animation for other scenes, and pattie has a blowjob scene in the cafe. will all these be services in the cafe? unlikely. But they are in the game. Not sure why it has to be in the cafe? there will be other places not in UMCC along with stuff not in UMCC like female gloryhole and other stuff.

      It’s pretty safe to assume every girl will not work at the cafe. For various plot reasons I think the girls I have there currently are the only ones that would work there, aside from maybe Roise and maybe there is an argument for Amber. Luma’s sister Stacy and possibly more will be added to the cafe later. Also during the game you will learn why each character works there. You should also be able to deduce why a certain character is not there based on their personality and/or current other activities they are engaged in.

      1. Deliah is always asking me if I’m working in the cafe today and says she hopes not because then the boys have to come to her…does she work there? She certainly seems the type…
        She doesn’t seem to even have any socialization scenes there either. I only recently started playing UMCH though, so I don’t know how long she’s been in the game, but I suspect she’s a recent character. I’d love to see more of her, and the other petite girls…and more shota scenes for that matter. Maybe the shota body could be added to whatever algorithm decides what clients you get in the standard pleasure service minigame?
        I do love how you’ve tied UMCH into ARIA…especially since that was the game which really got me hooked on your work.

        1. Thanks, Deliah is new yeah. She has a few scenes in the main hallway, cafe and and boxing area. All the games I made are all tied together, expect for vandread lover quest.

  4. Love it so far! I can’t seem to get the Affluently Ineffective Quest to start though…. :\

    1. Affluently Ineffective is on v12, the public version is v11
      if you have v12 Maiko need to have 15 melee to start.
      v12 will be public after I finish Savor the Moment quest

    1. you need to explain the steps you are doing to try the game in detail

      some things you can try is to make sure the game is unzipped.
      and if you are usign the flash player you need to drag the umch3.swf file into the white space.

      1. I have two questions

        Does the requirement to enter the photography club shall be equal that in UMCC or simply Maiko will already be in the club?

        Are you going to add more clubs? (like sex club, the cheerleaders, etc. as in UMCC)

        1. Thanks for the questions

          A dialogue scene happens when entering a club area and maiko joins that club automatically after the scene is finished. it is same as the music, boxing and swim clubs currently in the game.

          sex club will be added later. cheering I kind of want to add but not sure how I will implement it. many people were a bit confused with the mechanics from UMCC.

          1. Many thanks this might work, i also had a concern for first person. unlike UMCC all the minigames in UMCH I’m trying to make first person.

    1. use hairpin primarily, also block looking down, build up more stats if you need. he is way harder than Jeni as I’m sure you many have noticed heh.

      1. But now you just throw a curveball at me and now there’s another hex agent that drains my health! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

        1. Hairpin pretty much nullifies health drain cause you’ll be draining his health too. Hit ‘S’ to do that. Swimming increases max health as well.

    1. Hi what scene are you talking about?
      some scenes can be unlocked in the tablet. the other stuff you can see again by saving a code before it happens.

  5. Im not sure if this is a bug, but if you have been impregnated and then do the music mini in the latest public version even with a score of 100% the h-scene doesn’t continue

  6. Is there somewhere where I can like look at what certain icons and stuff do? More specially stuff in the nurse room, and the Publishing club. I don’t even know what I can do there, and there is a camera button that switches through pictures in the tablet, but sometimes they switch on it’s own to maiko like one time all of a sudden it was her naked in the tub and it surprised me. Care to explain this stuff pretty please? Also, can you like take pictures or something because if you can, I don’t know how.

    Also also, when Maiko studies, the dialogue box doesn’t have any text in it and I cannot socialize in the cafe. Don’t know if that’s a bug or not. Does it have anything to do with “socialize amount” in the config? I don’t even know what that does either…

    1. Yeah I don’t have a key for the icons yet since it will be something else I will need to keep updating. Better for me to have it perhaps after the game is out of alpha.

      for the nurse office the bottles represent stat boosters for the. boxing is glove, clock is swim just like to start those minigames. they will boost stats gain in that stat for the est of the day. The condom you can ignore for now. currently it just triggers a sex scene. The needle will prevent Maiko from getting the pill status and becoming pregnant. which leads to a game over.

      You can’t manually take pictures. the background pic on the tablet changes based on actives Maiko just did, including taking a shower.

      the blank dialogue for studying will be fixed in v18+

      socialize amount it the percent chance when you enter a socialize area a dialogue scene will appear.
      this if for entering the cafe, pool, classroom and pool areas.

      for the hear meter on tablet, Certain things Maiko does in the game consume a stock of time. there are 8 times slots in each game day. the meter keeps track of how much time/stock you have left in that day. when you have not time left maiko will not do most things until she sleeps.

  7. Thank you so much for responding and elaborating! That clears everything up. Sadly (on my part), I can only offer moral support for your game. The story is very interesting and the characters are really unique and have intriguing personalities! Keep up the amazing work dude!

  8. I’m not so clear on the new David scene, is this after finishing the David boxing quest?

    Haven’t hit the new Kyle scene at the cafe, is there a requirement for that?

  9. Is the new kyle scene just him getting punched when he cops a feel of jeni, or is there more to it that just needs a requirement met first?

  10. What are the plans for the rhythmic gymnastics mini-game? As far as I can tell it doesn’t do anything right now?

      1. Not sure if the icon shows but it gives you a buff that makes leveling melee or stamina easier on the next gain for that day. like x10 or so. I made ti for people who don’t want to keep doing melee or swimming mini-games over and over.

  11. I can’t work in the cafe, every time I try, maiko says: my hair is mess right now
    what I have to do??

    1. leave maiko’s house at night when she is alone.
      for example you can’t have pattie in maiko’s house.
      it is 50% chance spawn for david to appear you need to beat him in the fight.
      then leave that area and come back to it.

  12. Hey, I just finished the ribbon mini-game thing, and a light-bulb appears at the bottom of the screen.
    What does that do?

    1. It gives you a lot more stats when completing the Boxing or Swimming minigame. it is designed to level up Maiko faster.

    1. He is a lot stronger than Jeni as I’m sure you noticed. You might need to get more stats for Maiko. also use the hairpin (S on keyboard) and low block the shots if needed. you can also chain stun him. lots of stuff to do.

  13. Ctrl+f “Lynn” 0 results

    I created an account just to say how disappointed I am. Hopefully yuri with her is added before v1.0.

    1. @John

      Try to read more than just the UMCH thread. There are a few characters who won’t have any sort of sex in THAT game, but some of them will get some in other games. I’ll let you search the site to see whether or not Lynn is one of them.

    2. as Vld mentioned there are Lynn sex scenes in other games. There is just not enough build up for it here.

  14. Will you allow people to upload videos of the game to public websites for people to see if they are unable to play it themselves.

    1. it’s a broad question. it depends on what is shown. Because I already have videos of the game uploaded to public sites.

    1. the gives you a temporary boost. the next time to do the swim, boxing, or cafe minigames on that day, you will gain 10x the amount of stats from it.

  15. because it’s so hard to get into the minigame of the cafe every time I get it “my hair is mess right now I need to fix it before I start working” I rarely get into that minegame

    1. If you open the Tablet and click Config, you should see Auto-Hair-Fix.
      Turn that on and you won’t have to fix it before playing the minigame.

      1. thank you . more other doubt I was seeing the images there I saw a scene of win friends in the bathroom as and already has this option to unlock the bathroom or will leave in the next updates if I had available please can you give me any tips why I will play this game from top to bottom and I could not find this scene to unlock the bathroom

        1. The bathroom is only used for an introduction scene. When the main character gets her uniform.

          The Cafe minigame gives you money and as you play it more, you will unlock the option for the girls to Flirt with customers which will unlock the Sex minigame.

          When you play as a girl in the Sex minigame, she will become better at it and it will be easier to succeed.

          In the game, you can find missions, unlock dialogue and hentai scenes.
          You will find these when visiting different areas as each day passes.

          I hope this helps. Vortex00 will know more but I can try to answer any questions.

          1. Thanks for answering, this is correct. The bathroom is jsut to give some context that they don’t get changed right in the middle of the cafe. Plus people seemed to like that scene from the chapter version of Female Rivalries version.

  16. Need help ,i update UMCH v.3 from Forum LoK and i got troubel in music classroom ,need obtain the guitar ,where i got that ? Sorry my English language is bad

  17. I’ve been trying to unlock Joiry’s scene, but somehow I can’t.
    On my save, Maiko has 202 melee and 605 fitness, more than enough to beat him
    And to mention that I can click the “End Game” button already

    Everytime I beat him, the dialogue leads to a “Later” button and nothing else. :c

    1. Try to enter in the boxing gym a lot of times. If you beat the opponents in the right order, you can fight with him, i suppose.

  18. I must say I am disappointed in the lack of features that were in UMCC, like the ability to take photos whenever you want, and the ability to become friends with anyone and have them join you around, and the ability to go in the locker room shower etc etc.

    1. I assume yo mean UMCH? Sorry about that though. I really wasn’t looking to make that much of a sandbox here. I had a lot if issues with the UMCC sandbox. So much so that I didn’t want to even work on the game anymore.

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