UMCH dialogue thoughts for Rhythmic Gymnastics

this is for Rhythmic Gymnastics club dialogue ideas.

previews examples:

For those with ideas these are some things to note:

Members include, Maiko(player), Alma (club supervisor), Pattie, Stacy (Luma sister), Joey, and Lynn
Stacy is club leader.
Stacy call Maiko’s “Missy” and is competitive and cocky/confident
Joey and Stacy clash a bit personality since joey conservative and stacy is a sex freak.
Stacy has a alternate pic with her nipples exposed.
Lynn always gets her routine perfect
Boys pass the gym on the way to boxing, lockers, etc. Same as how the can visit the pool.
Boys are in boxing of school attire
Maiko and Stacy leotard barely cover their nipples from stretching over their boobs.
in the win poses for the minigame maikos nipples can pop out so characters can talk about it happening.
Sometimes Yui or Luma is there instead of Cain.
when Luma is there or stops by she is in boxing or school attire.
Gym is on the way to sentinel battle area so characters like Chris and Chest pass through there also.
Stacy, Maiko and Pattie can reference stuff from the cafe. Joey also as a person who visited there for her news articles.
Stacy tries to seduce Cain but Cain never falls for it.
Kyle shows up several times since two other members of publishing club are here. Pattie and Joey. and technically Maiko.


minigame is mouse avoider game