Umichan Boxer updates

I’m still calling this Umichan boxer but it maybe be called something else soon. I was thinking like UMCS umichan classroom shenanigans or something. open to suggestions. But the point is the boxing will likely not the main focus of the game, it is just the pvp component of the game. The rest of the game will be more like how UMCC was. go around and do stuff with certain characters and see what happens. Since the characters here are not connected to other story lines and have defined personalities, such as maiko, there is lot more leeway here to do some craziness from UMCC and not have it really effect anything. The game should be a lot of fun hopefully from just exploring and seeing what sex stuff you can do and how characters react to it while trying not to get in trouble from teachers. I might have a trouble meter or something instead of money, and that will be something like gta stars. with full bar gemco agent will come after you etc like at the end of UMCH. Not really going to have a heavy focus on story but I think the character will focus on getting popular and getting fans on her social media app on her phone. A lot of stuff from UMCC I will add here. Such as meeting people to fuck in various places, having people to meet react to stuff, etc. some examples of stuff is below.

certain locations in the game are designated spots the rgirl (random girl) can have sex with a partner at. Recruiting a partner to meet her here is also at designated locations.
This location here is the locker room bathroom. An areas not in UMCH(yet?). and the recruit spot in the school hallway.

Meeting character in normal clothes you get a fairly normal reaction. They will say something based on their personality. right now it is just one thing but later I plan to add more lines if dialogue. There is also a flirt button, it is icon of lips. the same as in UMCH when the rgirl is unlocked.

Here is a pic of the rigrl setting up the meet. some character is will have unsuspecting dialogue while other will know what he meeting is for.

the character is not in the locker room as compared the the first pic where no one was here. pressing the heart begins the sex.

There is not a minigame for this. not sure if i will have one or not. but if I do it will likely be the same as in UMCC with the hearts. The cum also shows leaving from the vagina. it is not flashing images like in UMCH. ir like in the cafe where it shows a win or lose pic. pregancy is currently not a issue in this game but I do plan to add the nurse office and nusre outfits.

no phone yet so i have stats at the bathroom mirror. but the art for her phone is done. it can actually be been in umch version 17+. it will be added here also along with her social media app when you can see her number of fans.

There is no pool in the game at the moment and I’m not sure I will add a pool area. In the locker room is shower icon that can make the school swimsuit wet. I plan to have a few outfits that can have alternate appearances like this.

here Chester reacts to wet swimsuit. it is normally fine to meet other students like this.

Meeting Natan or other certain teachers will dry you off when wet. so would need to get wet again. later on this will cause you to get some trouble. I maybe have it where certain character will only have sex with good or bad girls etc. and there will be various advantages or disadvantages for it.

the rgirl will not leave the bathroom naked. but like in UMCC meeting Jay will suddenly remove her clothes. This is how you will get access to walk around nude.

Running to a teacher while naked will get you into a lot of trouble.

in addition the the boxing pvp component that involves other peoples characters. I plan to add a sex club in this game that you run with help from Stacy to explain stuff etc. But in here you will be able to use other people’s characters for you club. they will help you get fans, and cater to certain things that can net you fans. Fan might be interested in good or bad girls, nurse or swim outfits, long or short hair etc. when you find the girl need you can recruit her for you team. I’m not sure it will just that easy though. Like for example maybe bad girls (in a lot of trouble) you have to beat them first. And even after that getting them in your club will make you get in trouble also heh. but you get a lot of fans for getting certain girls. Will try to make it where girl will also get fans if they are in other peoples club. recent people’s club you were in might show on you phone or something. will have pics for that later. atm it is just a idea heh. but a possible one. I plan to have playable demo of the current game soon but it wont have any online stuff yet.