UMCH updates

I think I’m done with the Journal stuff now and I can have it internally tested for bugs. The David quest was particularly tricky for me looking for variables and relearning how I coded that.
Unlike a patreon release, for public stuff I like to have it tested for bugs since there is no time deadline. So it is moving into that phase right now or rather soon. I will say that I expect to get a list of 100+ bugs and minor issues like I always did with UMCC. And it takes a bit of time to get through a list that big. I found 50 or bugs myself the past few days or working on the journal stuff that was not journal related bugs. And for any wondering, I don’t how long it will take. Because I don’t know how many bugs I will get or how hard they will be to fix. I also coordinate work with two, soon to be three other people that are working on upcoming stuff that is different from umch. and about two other people casually. All I can do is post updates on my progress.