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small updates

I haven’t made much posts here is the past weeks but I will get back to posting very soon. A lot of…

UMCH updates

I think I’m done with the Journal stuff now and I can have it internally tested for bugs. The David quest was…

Project Updates

Patreon: patreon stuff should be coming this week. been getting tied up with various technical issues from me screwing up the website…

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SVP Straw Poll, Feedback Requested

http://strawpoll.me/6664258 I was thinking about some of the regular content I had on the site that was outside the scope of a…

MMD: New Thang

mirror: http://trollvids.com/video/5350202/MMD-New-Thang

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ARIA related updates

In this update post I will mention plans for the other ARIA game I am working on. I Think the game will…

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a few updates

wanted to make a quick post about where I’m at on game stuff. I wanted to finish the pattie hair before using…

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Updates: March 03 2014

Time for some updates. I’m haven’t been posting literally anywhere. I have been really busy with a lot of things not related…

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