3D ARIA game concept

When It comes to 3D I am usually talking about some online multiplayer game. However it is much easier to make something single player so I’ve been thinking about what I can do there. I had a idea for a 3D ARIA type game that I can make in unity 3D at some point possibly as the next major game project.

It would contain, 3rd person shooting, space and aerial combat, various dialogue scenes and of course hentai.

the demo below is more like a proof of concept where I put together some premium assets. It took about a day to make. You have to combine this concept with Umichan 3D to really see how all the parts fit together. It contains some third person shooting, some dialogue, and transitions into different models of gameplay.

Can test it out here below. it is compiled for windows.
press R to reload ammo when in third person. You need to pic some up first. Other controls are on screen.

I think for hentai in this game, the scenes would be between actions or dialogue sections. Similar to Umichan 3D in the infirmary. And also very similar to how I do things in 2D. For example in ARIA you don’t have scenes during an space battle part. it is before or after.

Also I just used models you can buy from the unity asset store, a female character and a zombie and some example story. I used them because i was only focused on getting the gameplay mechanics all working together to make up a game. I already know I can import my own models.

in Umichan 3D, and the ARIA top down shooter, you can see an example of me using my own character models.

Both the zombie and the girl are things I had to make that didn’t come as part of any example so it took me a bit to get the bullets to actually register and damage the zombie. In a ARIA game this would be a GemCo agent Sentinel or a number of different robots.

As for the story, I was thinking this could follow Arielle when she first joined GemCo, and first me Jeo, and Harold, etc.