Agent Trainer Agents Art update

Art updates for Agent girls. I know a number of the them need some eyelash adjustments to more closely match their older style, but I actually wanted to briefly go over a different combat mechanic I had in mind for the game. This could be for the existing game or a different one.

First thing is I would completely remove the HP and have the deciding factor in combat be based on who has the higher resulting attack stat, even if they both become negative numbers. However attack stat would not the the only stat, it would just be the one that matters in the end after it get manipulated during combat calculation.

Instead of picking a character for purely aesthetic reasons including the outfits as in Agent Trainer currently, There will be character cards, where each would have some attack and defense stat and at least one Khalei affinity. Also the same character can have different tiers of cards with different stats on them that would feature different pics of that character. For example you could have a Vux (the green hair girl) character card with low stats, and have a more covered image of her on the card. Then you could also have a character card with her in more revealing clothing with higher base attack and defense stats. A higher Tier card in general.

This would change the currency in the game from buying stats upgrades to buying cards with base stats. This also stops the stat number from spiraling out of control into the millions, as is possible currently.

Speaking of currency you can also buy weapons similar to how you can now. These weapons would most of the time add a value to the attack stat. However they can also have a Khalei affinity. When the weapon affinity matches the affinity of the character you would get a bonus to the added attack. This would be true for any items or weapons that add to the defense stat also.

also similar to how it is now, there would be items that are situational and triggered based on various things. These items could add more Def if the opponent begins with more attack than your character. It could work like Anti-Khalei and negate the effects of same type Khalei bonuses, it could boost or lower your stats based on the kahlei affinity you are fighting, it could add a dual khalei affinity to your character, and more.

One thing I am a little on the fence about is having the Khalei affinity on the character having passive combat abilities similar to how it is now. For example purple Khalei reduces the stats of the opponent by default, etc. I rather just make some skills and stuff that are only usable with certain Khalei.

I also wanted to have various main stories surrounding each girl and some that involves multiple girls, where you would possibly still play as a trainer. By playing the story you can unlock various items and get currency. Also battle nets currency also and it would have a ranking system similar to how it is now.

I also wanted to try to have possibly at some higher level some system of acquiring a space ship and participating in space battles. Though I am not quite sure how that combat system would work, but it might involve multiple players not just a 1v1 battle.

If you have any ideas for anything mentioned in this post please feel free to post them.