UMCH updates B

The game feels pretty solid, pretty complete atm. In addition to the UMCH update stuff added here:

the next version will have new (and hopefully improved) sex slapping/thrusting sound effects. the previous version used 6 random sounds, while the new one uses 17. Kind of took me a while to find what I felt works for UMCH. The sounds effects I went with are apparently some person hitting an orange with a crowbar… I found that sounds effect of stepping in mud were good also.

Also a few hidden clickable areas are added in the game. And you can find hints for that from the Photo club mini photo quests.

In addition, Maiko will be able to gain inspiration from some of those quests also. This is where she can gain a lot of exp. It is the same buff as doing the gym minigame.

An icon guide was added to the tablet to define what some of the obscure icons mean.

And some Gymnastics photos where added and can be used as backgrounds and required photos for some of the photo club mini quests.

Also fixed some issues that happen when trying to replay certain animations from the tablet.

Mostly quality of life stuff and some polish.

I did not add a fast track way to get whatever required photo you need from the bookstore or anywhere else. But imo photos are not hard to get once you know how to get them and you won’t really need a lot in the game.