Small Updates

Still working the ARIA 3D game while wilson does some writing for the Jeni game and ttrop works on art I plan to add into the rookie game. I would be working on the swimming game at the moment but I’ll get to it very soon.

wanted to hit on a few recent frequent asked questions.

The Rookie:

I do plan to add animations to the end of the rookie since number of people feel like they are missing. I don’t really want to confuse anyone. However the art style will be a little different and don’t plan to replace all the current art in the game to match the ending animations. I also plan to having a Rookie 2.

I am planning on adding a scene with Phia that is available at the start of day 2 when she asks you. I might have it where you miss the scene with Remi however and maybe the meeting with Rinoga which may get you into a little trouble. It’s just thoughts for now.

Umichan Sentoryu:
Some have reported the characters appearing in front of the text box. If this happens to you please post what parts of the game this happens to you. I haven’t gotten the issue myself, but I will try to recreate the bug, which should allow me to fix it properly.

The Uncle character you play as has will have stats the determine the outcome of certain events. Currently in the game he has a 50% change of getting caught while peeking in the shower.

The Jeni/Holly scene that repeats in the game is one of many random dialogue scenes that can trigger in the game. So a lot more will be added to mix things up. Ideally, you wouldn’t see the same scene over and over like that. Also these scenes will switch up based on what point in the story you are in.