Yui game idea

ttrop is currently in the process of creating art for a very simple game idea he wanted to try out that will contain static art images instead of the usual animations. This is so he can make the images have more detail compared to the animations. the Art while more detailed will have a few variations.

The game focuses on Yui during her 3 assignments seen during The Rookie, and adds non-canon twists to the outcome. In addition to the canon outcome, 2 of the outcomes will be hentai related. Players will be able to see some “what if Yui did this instead” type of situations.

the original list of candidates for Yui to encounter during her assignments were the following:

Kyle – perv photos
David – tricking dizzy into sex
Albert – buying/selling illegal photos/Savori

Harold – sex with female agents at the academy
Joiry – bullying/harassing reports
Jay – reports of girls suddenly missing articles of clothing
Tom – suspicion of teacher sex w/ student(s)

The other 4 guys can be added later if people like the game. But there are more possible options also like Jinru, and perhaps Roise.

Yui character update art can be found here:

Umichan Art updates (Yui)