Umichan Sentoryu updates

So as some of you may know, summertime saga got their content under review. So I’m thinking about not getting too deep into Sentoryu as originally planned. And when I mean by that is to only work in the hentai stuff and finish the game there. I may not bother too much with the hidden camera system, getting every component of the Cafe yourself, etc.

I’ve seen a few comments about Carl being cucked, but keep in mind the game is not finished. However also keep in mind that so far nothing about the games breaks any of patreons rules on adult stuff. But Carl has sex animations created with with all 4 of the cafe girls(2 for each girl), plus mira(2), holly(2), and jeni(1). We’ll see if Holly and Jeni make it in. I’m thinking about it at the moment. At worst I can use it in a miniflash.

Sentoryu and even the Rookie was something I wanted to market a bit and ideally they both need to not have potential issues. On top of that there is a growing list of other games I need to get to. such as umichan swim game, finish DoE VN, Yui game, 3D arielle, aria rts, and I think I am ready to get back working on the next big Umichan Maiko game project. all kinds of stuff really.

feel free to post thoughts.