January 3, 2024

32 thoughts on “The next umichan maiko game brief details~

      1. I was working on a pitch for a Remi game that would be based around that. It’ll be awhile before I get that done though, since other things are taking priority atm. If Vortex likes it, you should see more about it eventually though.

  1. Any chance of a relationship bar for interactions with characters leading to unlockable hentai scenes?

    1. Currently I plan for characters to have specific requirements similar to current UMCS. for example you may need to be in a certain amount of trouble and have a certain character as friend. that will unlock a certain scene with that character. Nothing is set in stone yet though.

  2. k here are my thoughts in the mechanics:
    pattern match hentai minigame- dont really dig it
    modified stress system from UMCH- interesting, though i hope there are more ways to eliminate stress, since in umch for instance going back to the house/restaurant was pretty annoying
    trouble system from UMCS- nice idea
    friend system from UMCS- also pretty good idea, i suggest having a point system like in the rookie, where you can have more than one friend and gain points for each of them that’d allow you to access different animations or something
    money system from Umichan Sentoryu- didnt really understand how it worked my b
    and the complement system posted below- id like this system to reward the player that reads the dialogue, so maybe the answer options could be in connection with it

    1. You could “play” with her breast to get stress down. It’s pretty fast and easy. All you do is drag her breast up a few times.

    2. I for sure will need to keep track of multiple friends but it wont really be like in the rookie. It’ll just be more like if they will or won’t leave when you do some action that would otherwise make them leave.

      and since I plan to have different animations have different requirements anyway I don’t think I will need relationship exp.

      a lot of people seemed to like the pattern game.

  3. I’d like it if the female pov made a return personally.

    Also I know it was controversial but I’d like to put a vote down for the impreg system to come back too.

  4. I think making the affection level system make a return would be nice. Because, it gave an incentive to developing each character, since each character had their own reward. Maybe, going along with UMC’s theme of trying to best your rival, you can make a female character who is in the middle of all this and has to choose a side, and thus the affection level might have more worth to it?

    Thanks for all the hard work and development, I imagine coding just the tiniest stuff can be draining but we do truly appreciate your work,

    1. Many thanks. I’m not sure I want to have multiple relationship exp and levels for the characters, however it might feel somewhat similar. I’m planning more along the lines of current UMCS where it is objective based on their personality or some other quirk about them. I’ll have to make a another post that goes into more detail about it.

      Will def have some rivals however who they are depends on the timeline.

    1. downsized compared to what version of Remi? Note that she was first introduced in ARIA and you can see the initial size there, including flaccid during her sleeping image.

  5. Just to clarify, since I think I confused myself in reading… Will this be updates to the current UMCS, or a new game with the same name? And would it be possible that the main character will be a customizable one like we currently have in UMCS? I enjoy UMCS so far and really like playing as my own character, but I’d really enjoy more sex animations for that. I realize a custom character would make that variety difficult, though. Maybe less so with POV scenes and the hair overlay…

    1. Not yet sure if I will have custom character or maiko as playable. But yeah it’ll need to be a new separate game but some of the ideas from it’s current form, changing clothes actually affecting stuff beyond allowing you to do a minigame, having specific requirement to make certain friends, etc.

      1. Obviously I would prefer the custom character, but it’s your project and I’ll be happy with whatever you decide. I know it’ll be great either way. Thinking about this made me realize something I really like about the current UMCS, though. After playing as Maiko for two games, it’s interesting to see her doing her own thing from an outside perspective, such as finding her and Pattie in the locker room or running into her and her friends in the hall. And honestly, I enjoy the freedom of being able to sleep with whoever I want to. I realize you don’t like it at all for Maiko as you feel it doesn’t fit her character, but I enjoy having the option to be a slut. Sure, there are other games around that allow that, but none of them are as enjoyable or unique to me as yours.

  6. I would like to see more shota scenes, but with milfs, such as Roise’s mom, Yui, the teachers and so on, but that’s my personal taste only, idk if other people’ll like it…

    I hope so hahaah

  7. Things I would like to see return.

    1. POV. I loved this game had a point of view system where you could see her breast and characters talk to you from your POV not like common VNs where its just characters side to side. Also found that one POV scene to be cool too. (UMCH)
    2. Game structure. I loved the structure of the game. How you could basically choose what arc to do first and what to do last. You weren’t locked out of seeing something because you choose a path except for two scenes which is something I hate in most VNs where you choose something and can’t see the other till you restart. (UMCH)
    3. Character chatter when you enter a location. I love how every time you go to a location there is a character there that you can either talk to or talks to you. Makes the game feel more alive. (UMCH)
    4. Random Sex Scenes. Love that the game had random sex scenes on-top of the character chatter. (UMCH)
    5. Stats. It’s fun to have things to raise. Bring back ways to boost these faster or cheat them like the books or pill from the doctor would be great too.
    6. Mini Game. Things like the swimming, boxing, and cafe were fun. I also want to mention the cafe mini game specifically. I loved the minigame for it and how the different values gave different sex speeds. Also loved how there were win and lose screen. Also the fact that if they were the last they had a special customer.
    7. Interactions with the character by clicking on them. Things like being able to make the characters breast show in the cafe or clicking on the breast of Maiko in UMCC.
    8. Tablet/Phone. Love this as being the menu. Would be cool if you had different phone brands to choose from as a customization option. Maybe you can recieve text from people.
    9. Almost all sex being optional. I like the idea that you made this game non forceful.
    10. Taking photos. Would be great to be able to take photos like the one you get if you shower or the ones from the cafe or the ones in the locker room. Also like the ones Kyle gives you. It would also be cool if you got nudes from you friends through the phones. A gallery for all the pictures would be nice too.
    11. Bringing people back home, public sex, and showering. Loved that you could bring people home for a special scene. I miss the public sex scenes like the park from UMCC but what I miss the most was the footjob on the stairs. (UMCC)
    12. Sweat, Cum, Wet, Naked. Would love to see the MC being able to sweat or walk around with cum again. Would also like to be able to walk around naked. Would be cool if there was something that made other characters appear naked too. (UMCC)
    13. Buying sex toys. Would like to see this return with more sex toy options. (UMCC)
    14. Being able to walk around with people or call them to meet you. Made the game fun and made finding specific characters easier. (UMCC)
    15. Different skin tone people appearing when it’s sex with a random character. (UMCC)
    16. Mini Quest. Things like the photo club or the teachers quest.
    17. Little tidbits like being able to masturbate during a test. Adding more places to masturbate in general would be nice, like the shower or flat out in public.
    18. If showers return maybe different animations for them that rotate randomly. Maybe one could be her using the shower head as a toy.

    I also wanted to address some of the things I didn’t like just in case they make a come back.

    1. Shota. It seems a good amount of your fan base likes it, but as someone who doesn’t I would love if there was a cheat to make them look like they are as old as the other characters. Or a cheat that replaces them with another character. I know people will just say don’t watch them if you don’t like it but the animation and art is so amazing I would hate to miss out on a position.
    2. Pregnancy. As long as there is a way to end it for good like the pill from the doctor then I’m fine with it.
    3. Some of the cum being excessive like cum being all over the persons body yet the penis is still in the vagina. This would be okay if there was a pull out option.

    Last thoughts.

    1. Would love if all the girls in UMCH made a return especially Stacy. Would also love to see Phia in the game or the girls from Agent Trainer.
    2. For main character personally I would prefer an established character being the main character if it’s a female. If it’s a male I would prefer if it was a self insert character.
    3. These are just suggestions and I by no means mean to force them on you.

    This is all I could think of. I didn’t feel like completely replaying the games to see what I liked and didn’t but these are what stuck out after a quick play. If I remember anything else. I’ll just reply to this. UMCH is one of my favorite adult games so I’m ecstatic that there will be a successor on the way. Honestly can’t wait.

    1. Thanks most of that should be in there one way or another. I should mention however that I am trying to reduce having a lot of stats to level as best I can.

  8. What I would like is for there to be stuff like public sex, public nudity, and public masturbation, and to also be able to have a friend join in on said shenanigans. Honestly a lot of things Oecus said are things I’d like as well.

    I’d also like to see more of the School’s swimming instructor (Mika, is it?), and pretty much would like to see more of all the girls, especially the ones that don’t really get scenes.

    And even though I’m not a Futa fan, for some reason I’d like to see Remi have her way with all the established female characters, for one reason or another. Hell, I’d be okay with it if you just made those be fantasies that the player character thinks about when she’s masturbating, whether it be in her room, the shower, or in public like I said before.

    If anything else comes to mind, I’d let you know. I actually need to go back and play through all of UMCH since I have yet to do that, and maybe play UMCC again. I also need to finish ARIA.

    1. not sure what you mean by public. if you mean outdoors possibly with the occasional unknowing person then that should be ok. If you mean front of a large group as a big spectacle I can’t guarantee I’ll have that.

      Also Remi has scenes with established characters in the mini flash. Mika is in other ones also.

      1. It doesn’t really have to be in front of a group (although that would be interesting tbh), There doesn’t really need to be someone to witness it, unless they just so happen to pass by.

        Plus, since I believe masturbating is/was a way to reduce stress, maybe doing it in public could relieve less stress or even add some, and depending on who ends up seeing the player character nude and or masturbating (Such as David), it may or may not end up in rape, which could also count as public sex, even if it’s forced.

        The only Remi flash I know of is the one where she gets it on with Luma, is there another one I don’t know of where she does other characters? Regardless, I should probably go through the archive and just play all the games to see what has and hasn’t been done.

        1. I forgot to add that what I said about the public stuff could also depend on whether or not you’ve brought a friend along. Such as, if you have a friend, you’re less likely to get raped, and it may also help reduce stress since you’re not doing it alone.

        2. keep in mind if it hasn’t been done it is possible I purposefully have not done it. There is a Maiko x Remi one also on patreon that I will bring over later. Not sure how much rape stuff I intend to have (if any) in this because patreon cracks down on it.

          1. Yeah, I understand that. I know how you like to keep your characters a certain way and not make them do something you feel they wouldn’t.

            About the rape, I’d be okay with it if you didn’t implement it. I prefer it when sex is consensual anyway. Was just trying to give ideas on how public nudity/sex/nudity could work.

            So Remi has only done it with Luma and Maiko? I’m kinda interested in what it’d be like for her to do it with one of the other cafe girls, such as Jeni (even though she’s not into doing girls, I believe), or a teacher, or one of the other female students. Mostly it’s just curiosity though, since, as stated before, i’m not really a fan of Futa, so I won’t really mind if you don’t do anything with her.

            Is there any other flash animation you have on Patreon that isn’t on the site? Depending on how many there are, I may just have to start donating, lol. (Sorry if i’m bothering you btw)

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