small updates

I spent a lot of last weekend in a sweltering hot attic (95°F outside) fixing a suddenly leaking air conditioner. I definitely didn’t want my ceiling caving in by leaving it unattended to. I banged up my knees a bit up there and they are still sore as I type this today two or so days later on Tuesday.

It just took all my energy away and I didn’t really feel like grinding these projects after coming out of my attic. Unpredictable events like this are the reason why I can’t give any release date with any actual degree of certainty. It can only be vague at best like before the end of the month, and because life happens, even that could be inaccurate. I even skipped a family reunion event so I can’t catch up a bit on my work but it was ruined due to the AC leaking in the attic. Everything doesn’t always go as planned. but I am still chugging along though. More updates will follow later today after I get some more work done.