January 2, 2024

19 thoughts on “The Rookie special agent trainee suit redesign

  1. Well, I really loved the new style in girls’ clothes, but what of my impression or Lyin’s breasts? They’re too big, I think about her breasts I nun the old version
    I love your work,you are awessome <3

  2. Well, I really loved the new style in girls’ clothes, but did Lyin’s breasts increase? I think they’re too big, I think I prefer her breasts in the old version
    I really love your work, you’re awessome (sorry for the mistakes in the comment above, my English is a little bit tired)

  3. The one thing I like most about this redesign is the consistency. The outfits still looks like the higher ups are forcing the girls to where outfits that are purposefully designed to barely cover anything (I’m not sure if that’s cannon, but that’s my head cannon), but the consistency between outfits makes me believe that they are a company enforcing a uniform they mass produced, rather than just taking certain girls and giving them a vast array of swimsuits to wear. (After all these guys are a business, that must answer to a board,maybe stockholders and a department of ethics, and human resources. If the higher ups are going to enforce scantily clothed uniforms, they got to be sneaky about it,)

    1. I need to make a post on different ways to use khalei, but there are 3 main ways to use it. telepathically, through absorption into the body, and by compressing it down into crystals to store it’s energy for later use.

      The special agents primary way to use khalei is absorption. It enter the body through the skin. It is why special agents are barely clothed so they can adsorb a lot of khalei all over their body. The waist and leg parts also generate khalei particles into the air around them.

      1. Which sounds like a great excuse for the higher ups to explain to people like Riely and Rinoga why the outfits show as much skin as possible.
        I know skin absorption is cannon, but I just like to think that the higher ups like Albert and Ace are slimy enough to exploit that knowledge by exaggerating how much skin exposure is needed for absorption. (it’s just fun to think about it that way.)

    1. Maiko will begin in something like this then get her special agent gear later in the game. Don’t worry, we didn’t draw it just to not use it. heh.

  4. Lynn New is THICC and Defense Khalei! <3
    Luma was the Tanker, previously, now she's Striker just like Ari <3
    Riley… once a Red, forever a Red!

    1. Glad you like it. They are the same khalei as previous, you can see from the old image luma is blue and riley is red. We had lynn as yellow which was not correct. However even though luma is the squad leader, the ship they ride is ARIA is Lynn’s ship, which it why it had a barrier ability. I actually made it a teal color symbolizing a mix of Luma and Lynn’s Khalei.

  5. Lynn~~~~~~ I love you <3
    The redesigns are great! Does the color of their uniform indicate their team? (Their's are white as opposed to the ARIA team's black) Does that mean that Agent Maiko won't be joining Riley's team?

    1. I just made the white symbolize a special agent in training. All this is before ARIA so I wanted to show a stage where they are are not fully with special agent training yet.

      UMAA happens or at least begins at the same time as ARIA. and in ARIA Luma team is one of the many teams out looking for Jeo.

  6. I’ve always found it strange that Riley is a Red Khalei user (I may be getting confused here) but doesn’t red Khalei increase the users libido sky high, which is why Phia and Remi (Both Red Khalei users) are such Nymphomaniacs.
    Unless I’m mistaking what Tiffany said in the Rookie VN about it enhancing “Other” things, I’ve never fully understood each Khalei’s properties.
    Note.Not a nitpick just a little detail I’ve been pondering over, Great work as always thou Vortex keep it up

    1. red khalei increases the users speed in various ways, but has nothing to do with libido. TT refers to being able to move parts of the body quickly during sex.

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