animation backlog details

Been busy grind but wanted to post a small update since it’s been a while.
this posts will adds details to the previous animation backlog post here:

working through animation backlog

like mentioned in the post, I am grinding trying to catch up on getting various animation into games since flash ending support set me back quite a bit.

I am done with the water balloon game (previously referred to as the swimming game) and done with making a new Two Scoops.

Right now I and working on putting all the futa stuff into one game also.

here are my plans, under the titles and descriptions listed are the existing mini flash stories that will be merged into a alternate story or more in the base game.
I also listed things that are not made yet, so even more will be added to stuff.
Umichan Splashing Surprise (waterballoon game)
vacation theme, yuri, with Lights Out inspired puzzle games.

Empress tales
Busty Bickering
Small Favor
Candy x Guy
Maiko x Pattie x Riley
Umichan Two Scoops
Beach theme, thicc girls vs small penis/guy, guess the pattern minigame.

Two Scoops
Umichan Futa Fantasy
Nurse theme, Futa, guess the pattern minigame.

Futa Fantasy
Glory Hole
The Checkup
Remi x Maiko x Roise
Remi x Maiko
Remi solo
Remi x Bri
Umichan Sentoryu
Cafe theme, multi, adventure.

The Special
visitation copulation
Introductory Intimacy?
Pattie x Stacy
Mira x Carl x Holly
Peach x Greel
Pattie x Luma x Jeni
The Rookie
Cafe theme, multi, adventure/ branching path.

Luma x Lynn – (added to base game)
Yui story
Maiko x 3 dudes
so once I finish Futa Fantasy base game, which I plan to today, I will have 4 base games done. (5 when the rookie get updated.)
All of the animations are done also which should help move things along quickly. However I also need to do a lot of character standing image edits for the dialogue parts.

Notice that Sentoru already has quite a bit of animations in the game already, and listed to be getting a lot more. As mentioend in the previous post I expect all of these games to eventually contain tons of content.