January 2, 2024

19 thoughts on “working through animation backlog

  1. I like Maiko’s face in the last frame.
    And Jenny…grumpy as always, I like this trait of hers.

    As for Flash coming to end, I’m kinda saddened cause my first contact I had with Internet around 2007, I was a fan of flash games and animations.
    The wheel keeps on turning, right? Technology never stops.

  2. Omg! That bottom left scene almost gave me a heart atack!! Love it! What’s the story behind it?

    Also, I like the idea you’re proposing, it’ll be more organized and easy for us to catch up with all the scenes!

  3. other good vn engine is renpy, which in my opinion is kinda good for point and click game… maybe you can check it out…

    im not complaining about tyrano cause i played one jp game and your games… not entirely flawless but it contain all much needed feature such as gallery system… others dev games is kinda below the standard with the engine even tho their art is good…

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Last time I checked renpy it didn’t have all the export options i wanted. also tyrano has built in gallery stuff now.

      1. yes, about that, in renpy you have to build it yourself

        or you can ask from forum, i know some dev with draft on gallery system in renpy, readily to be use

    1. not too much Jeni has been made post sentoryu. But it hasn’t been nominated nor voted for iirc on the patreon.

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