Why small games?

jccq89 brought to my attention a concern as to why I am not trying to making some larger and UMCH or ARIA. I’m pretty sure myself or jccq89 made a post about it earlier but I will make a official post on that.There are a few big reason and a few smaller reasons. I will list them here in no specific order.

1. Been there done, that.
For those that may not know I have already made the big 5 year long games, The 2 to 3 year long games. UMCC took 5 years because I had to work on it solo. UMCH and ARIA took about 2 to 3 years each working with great artists like pinoytoons and ttrop. The problem with multiyear games is when I get a cool idea for a game, I am locked down in those multi-year projects. There are a lot of new creators on patreon making their first games and they are doing the big ambition game projects like I did. But I have done that already and just want to be able to act when there is a new idea for a game.

It is also possible to become fatigued working on the same gameproject for years. So since UMCH and ARIA were done I wanted to try making smaller stuff so I can jump on ideas quickly.

2. Financial risk
If I actually had an animator at this point I’m sure I can shrink the time down to 1 year or so. This is already counting wilsonthegreen helping with writing. The issues currently is I don’t feel comfortable funding all of that at the same time. I will be at a huge net loss each month doing that. And taking a huge financial risk, on top of patreon itself full time being a risk. So until I set up more sources of income or have more funding on patreon it’s super risky. I am in the process of setting up multiple sources of income right now. I tried some crytocurrency investment stuff in the past to hopefully shortcut this process but it didn’t really work out.

3. Adding game updates to no end
I feel like even with game like UMCH and ARIA, I had reached a point where the game was pretty much done but people were expecting more and more from it. I found myself pointlessly adding additional H content without much, if any purpose, with no end in sight. I figured if people’s concern is seeing a constant flow of new H scenes in a game. Why not put it in a new game? All my games have the same characters in the universe anyway and it allows me to explore different ideas.

4. The new factor
Speaking of new. With the rise of Patreon there are a lot of people going the route of making hentai games now. With all of these are new games being created, it’s only natural people want to check out that new stuff. Since I have been around for a while a lot of people who play adult games may have seen my stuff in the past. So I want to be making new titles reliably to have my own reoccurring “new” factor.

5.Adobe announced Flash was reaching it’s end of life soon in 2020.
UMCC, UMCH, and ARIA and lot of other games here are made in Adobe Flash. Apparently there are a number of people advocating against it’s widespread use around the internet in favor of HTML5. Well in 2020 that will happen. Flash will no longer works in browsers and possibly not even on operating systems. It’s just really unclear at this point. I am getting ahead by making games in html5 early.

6. Learning new game creation software
This also means I had to learn new software to make games. I’ve been teaching myself how to use construct2 and 3. With that I can make games pretty close to what I have been making in flash. I also wanted to use something easy to get rolling without a huge downtime. So I also learned to use Tyranobuilder, which has a pretty easy learning curve. Tyranobuilder is what the VN games such as Umichan Sentoryu and The Rookie are made with.

7. Publisher / Multi game website
The idea was for this website to have lot of different game made by a lot of people. I used to have a few artists, but this was a long time ago when it was hard to find adult content so it didn’t work out. I’ve always liked those old school flash website that have a lot of different games, including in-house games. I’d even say I hail from that era. For this website I wanted to have just in-house stuff only. But not just games, all kinds of stuff also, inducing these blogs. But in general I’ve always liked the publisher role over the developer role. Just in general when people find this website, there is a lot of stuff to check out

8. Nobody likes that game
Another problem I have seen with big games is. It’s possible not many people like it, and you are now stuck with it. If this is your first game, it can be disheartening. But if you are not investing years into the game you can can just shrug it off, learn from it, and move onto your next game that may appeal to more people without spending too much time. Now if a lot of people like that game, and you have fun working on it. certainly invest time to make the game grow to the size you want.