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UMCH UI updates

Just showing some of the user interface (UI) changes for UMCH. None of these images are final and there are few things…

small updates

still working on UMCH. managed to find a way to do add a character select by adding buttons to the account settings…

UM3DO hair color test

dabbling in unity3D working on character customization in Umichan 3D online a bit. this is a hair color test but it can…

Umichan 3D ideas, Feedback Requested

With completion on UMCH in sight, I have been looking at some of my other projects I didn’t get to explore more…

MMD Maiko vagina edit

been meaning to update this for a while now. want to take another look at the boobs physics also at some point…

MMD: Crying In the Club

not he best I just wanted to use this song.

GemCo Rinoga Academy swim team

These are the Academy students that will go up against the Nanako swim team (Maiko,Pattie, etc) in the swimming game I want…

MMD: Apple Pie

had several issues with shadows on this one for some reason. motion by Ademar440

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