January 1, 2024

9 thoughts on “2018 wrap up

  1. I’ll leave some sugestions:

    1.) You could probably do more videos like this, not with such length because even if some people are gonna watch a 1 hour video like I did, I feel like most people won’t.
    1.2) In said videos you could give some sneak peaks of future content like you did in the end on this one. Some of new UMAA stuff you’re working on for example since I believe it will be your new game getting more attention.

    2.) You could make a post with approx. dates of release for content on the website, it could be a free post on Patreon for example. That way it would generate traffic to Patreon and may get you a couple more Patrons.

    And that is it 😛 Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Vortex,

    Love the video, nice to hear your thoughts for what’ll be happening next year.

    In regards to the VR stuff, I really don’t think the tech is there atm. I bought a HTC Vive during the VRchat hype and haven’t really gotten much use out of it since (just collecting dust Dx). I’d say give it a miss for now unless you can actively make VR stuff simultaneously with your 3d content, otherwise it’s a niche in a niche.

    That’s just my 2 cents, hope to catch your stream sometime!

    Happy new year, wish you a great and prosperous 2019 🙂


    1. Many thanks for the insight. I might try more 360 videos if i can get some decent shaders. but wait trying to develop VR games.

      1. Which one are you thinking about buying? 🙂 I want one for PC so i can Play The Sims 4 and maybe a few Hentai Games too in VR… :3 ^_^

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