2018 wrap up

end of the year wrap up video.

1hr long video

really quick summary:

this year was spent griding making various VN games. Next year I will be more active replying to comments faster and producing regular content.

will primarily on 4 games next year
UMAA – 2D hentai and topdown shooter. The story continues from UMCH.
3D Arielle – Adult 3D 3rd person shooter
2D aria space battle – 2D RTS with realistic style aria characters.
VN game w/ Maiko – Maiko tries to beat Luma and her friends in various activities.

Other ways to support as desired:
in the works.

3D sex videos and 2d Animation videos – I have video views monetized.
Fan club monthly subscriptions

streaming – hangout, game development, animation work, playing other adult games and giving thoughts.
paypal will be enabled in january 2019

might dive into making adult VR games if there is interest.

2017 wrap up:

2017 wrap up