so what’s in the Deluxe game?

recently I created several “deluxe” version of games. These are just intended to provide a little more content to unlock and view if you already enjoyed the game. What specifically is in each deluxe is listed below, along with how to unlock them normally if you want.

They can found on the patreon at the 5+ tier or on my gumroad. Many thanks for anyone who supports via any of these methods.

Sentoryu – Photo gallery
Pattie Photos – view any set of photos from pattie
Nude photos – complete the game
Shower Pics – view holly or jeni shower scene without being caught
jeni bend over panty – sell panties at the book store

alternate attire pics – meet roise and Jeni at the bar
Jeni sleeping pics – view jeni sleep scene
Cafe maid outfit malfunction images – have Jeni try on the cafe outfit with Holly.
title screen pics – meet Holly and Jeni at the start of the game

Sentoryu – Dream Gallery
Maiko x Carl Sex – view the maiko scene in the bonus
Maiko x Jeni – view the maiko scene in the bonus
Holly x Mira titfuck – view Mira sex scene
Pattie x Stacy – Have sex with stacy again
The Special | Maiko x Roise – unlock the roise scene

Sorani – Photo Gallery
Lingerie Photos – Take photos with kyle in lingerie
zytra photos from game
leyah cat, leyah swim

Savori Photos – Have albert being savori to the lingerie shop.
savori lingerie

Gym Photos – side with holly at the fitness center
Holly, Zytra, Peach, Jeni

Nude Photos – complete the game
Zytra, Leyah, title screen,Peach, Mira, Holly, Jeni, Savori, Maiko, Pattie

Sorani – Dream Gallery
Zytra x Ace UMCH – Allow Zytra to get money from Ace
Zytra x Ace UMCH Paizuri -Finish the game after using Ace
Zytra x Carl – show boobs to carl in a encounter without being caught
Zytra x Maiko gang bang – Talk Maiko into shopping for lingerie
Zytra x Gangbang -Have Joiry steal your money in a encounter

Rookie Photos Gallery
nude images – beat the game on any ending

Rookie Dream Gallery
Riley Luma Lynn – Make the team
Lynn MMF – Get caught by Cain while with Lynn on day 1
Luma 2x bbc – meet luma at night on day 1
Vux animations – see Vux in the story on day 2
Candy animations – see Candy in the story on day 2
Rinoga Animation – Get caught in a lie when talking to Rinoga
Luma x Lynn – agree with Luma after Luma and Lynn change clothes.
Lynn x Riley – Meet Riley in the park and lie about your condition
Remi x Phia – Meet Remi and Phia together at the start of day 2
Remi x TT – Have sex with Tiffany on day 2

Splashing – Photo Gallery
All splashing photo art – complete the Academy route
Splashing CG art – play a water balloon minigame
wet swim pics character art – complete the nanako route

Splashing – Dream Gallery
Busty Bickering – finish nanako route
Maiko x Pattie x Riley – finish nanako route
Pattie x Luma x Jeni – finish academy route
Mika x Ace bonus – finish academy route
Maiko x Pattie grope – finish nanako route

Provocative Punishment
Cain x Yui scene added (will release this month)