January 1, 2024

17 thoughts on “VN games downloads available

    1. idk what you have played so far, but these are the final versions of these games.
      I have been working on other games also, I will make a post about those soon’ish.

    1. Thanks, this is just providing a download. However if you like the game, I made a deluxe version of several of these games for patrons, they have added animations and image galleries. But the main part of the game is the same as public.

    1. yeah i just focused on getting a lot of stuff done. you can always join the discord to see waht’s going on at any time.

  1. Could you make Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc on android please? Or will that never happen ;/

    1. Outside of remaking the whole game in a different engine, it’s not possible since it was made using action script 2. I did want to at least put the animations into a android app, and that could also serve as a starting point at least. Also right now I am working on a sequel to UMCH that will work on android.

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