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UMCH boxing difficulty test, Feedback requested

update: now 10 settings instead of 5 link: remember you need to unzip this first before playing With some of my games…

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UMCH: Socialize and Dialogue demo

yesterday I worked out how dialogue and socialize stuff will function. It is pretty simple and straight forward. much like ARIA except…

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Amp side story demo

Wanted to do a quick lag test. since I was getting a but if lag on my laptop I tried this with…

ARIA Arielle Story

ARIA Arcade

Play as special agent Arielle as she proves training sentinels is a waste of her time! Mouse to move Click to shoot…

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ARIA Arielle story demo

link: remember you need to unzip this first I was thinking about replacing the aria combat system with this system eventually. I…

Umichan Maiko Deluxe

Keep up with the instructions given by Maiko         High Scores yhem – Umichan Maiko Deluxe (633) Zep –…

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ARIA shooter wip game download

I’m not totally sure exactly where I’m going this, but this is kind what I had in mind link: remember you need…

Love Quest Nirvana

This was a reupload request. They are the animations, plus a few more, that appear in Vandread Love Quest a game that…

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