January 4, 2024

39 thoughts on “Pattie Cake

  1. Pattie cakes…. HA!!!!!!!!!! A nice arcade mini for those that want to get a high score vs other players on this site.

    1. updated the game a bit to try to prevent it but idk if it works. IN any case I can just remove scores that kind of seem like bullshit heh

      1. 6204 clearly what you did was no match for my programmable keyboard what i can say is try to make it where if they miss ten times in a row they lose or else this kind of thing can happen and this is why i did not submit the score

      2. Maybe make some kind of a subroutine that will define time intervals between clicks? If they’re too small, it will mean that clicks occur too fast to be done by an ordinary human with an ordinary mouse. In this case the score counter will reset itself and the game will end at once, so that a cheater (or a superhuman) won’t be able to set a record.

  2. I really like the renewed in-game animation and the art of Pattie in the main menu. I noticed only 2 little flaws in it which strike the eye a bit.

    @alukard, well done and keep it up! Looking forward to seeing more of similar stuff from you.

    1. Ty xD, what I did wrong in the eye is the “eyelashes”(if I typed correctly), is too small haha, and more animation comming xD.
      And you stoped drawing ?, I entered in your HF profile and you posted nothing new, sad :c.

      1. The problems I noticed weren’t with Pattie’s eyes, but with her neck (too wide for a girl) on the picture in the main menu and with her right hip (too short) in the animation.

        Glad to know that you are planning to make more animations.

        Wow, didn’t know that someone was interested in my drawings. ๐Ÿ˜€
        Actually, I had some small life problems, was helping Vortex with some stuff and was imrpoving my skills. I thought of making something big and I’m talking not only about drawings.
        In short, soon there will be more pictures, so don’t worry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. haha next time i’ll have more alert eyes on this xD, and I wanted to create a new one, but vortex don’t wanted haha.
          Yep you do great drawings xD, you should keep going, and if you want some tips and tricks about animating, you know where to find me xD.

          1. Yeah, Vortex is busy with something different at the moment.

            But if you decided to create a new animation right now, which girl would you use?

            Well, thank you too. And I personally don’t think they’re that great but I’ll try to make better stuff next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. well let me see … I need to train more my “bounce” (tits), mm… I think luma, alma is a good one too, mika, zytra, lynn… I don’t know haha, have so much options, and you prefer what girl ?
            And don’t need to say that, you do great drawings, my animations is not that good and have some people who like haha. just don’t let this thought enter in your head, you’re good, don’t fear posting it.

          3. My most favorite ones are Lynn, Riley, Jeni, Leyah and Mika. But I’d personally prefer Lynn, Riley or Mika to remain being virgins untill Vortex or ttrop decides to change it, heh.

            It’s not that I’m afraid of posting my drawings – I’ve started to draw not so long ago and still feel that I’m far from being perfect. It doesn’t mean that I try to achieve unachievable but I at least want to maintain a high level of quality.

          4. So will be Mika, have any idea of the position ?

            but post it anyway, if you don’t like it, is there no problem in it, some people will like or all people will like, I have various animations not posted to because I don’t liked haha.
            but just don’t give up, the most important thing.

          5. Wait, Mika? Are you sure? But she’s still a virgin.

            How about this position?

            Thank you, but hey, no problem with it at all. It’s alright. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          6. will be zytra so, she have a good pair of boobs hehe.
            and this position is perfect, I loved it, next week I’ll be starting doing her loop.
            I just need some images of zytra to start making xD.

          7. No I don’t lol.
            I was thinking to ask vortex, but if you know tell me, I only got this one

  3. *Click-Click-Click*…
    Hey, what’s that smell?

    Ah, it’s alright – just my hand burning.

      1. Heh heh. I use my thumb instead. It’s terrible when it is time to move the mouse, but I can get up to 10 clicks per second. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great game @vortex00 and @alukard ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am used to seeing Pattie overconfident on her body when naked, but its a great change of image to have her blushing too, heh. I really like alukardยดs animations, good to see them turned to a nice game like that, gotta love clicking games, heh. Oh, and having Kyle on it is a great plus, lol. I always wondered about their relationship, on the slapping game they seemed like partners in crime for most perverted stuff, heh. So I hope they are great friends that from time to time bang each other just for fun, lol.

  5. This is a fun mini game ^.^

    I wont post score up as i was using macros, somewhere around 20,000 before i stopped (when i decided that my macro button might have a seizure) ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. was just trying to make something fun real quick. racking my brain over trying to stop people from cheating ruins the fun of it and makes it take longer to make. I’ll figure it out later after I work on the UMCH stuff I need to do today.

    1. I tried to add in a bit more anti-hax code into this game.
      I also deleted all the scores. You will need to re-earn you scores.

    1. Oog, I finally got it working (I couldn’t sign up because I couldn’t pass the anti-spam test. Linda IS in the game. She’s the pink haired agent), but for some reason it keeps ending on me when I get the counter/timer around 3000. There’s no send score option and it just says “restart.” ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

      1. lol Linda was added to ARIA as a random agent way after the spam test was made. I will change that name to something else thanks.

        yes the time to submit he score is limited to try to prevent having time to alter the number with external software. It is really is a bug but I left it in there for that reason.

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