January 6, 2024

36 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Deluxe

  1. Wow you updated the score board from showing just the top 3 to the top 7. Good to see the arcade games coming back in a better score board.

      1. Well if so Id have a few suggestions like an anal bonusstage or being able to choose Luma or Roise instead of Maiko (minimal effort due to same breastsize *wink*) and a few more.

        1. swapping characters for this or making anal is tons of work actually because these are imported video files for the animation.

  2. How do you determine and record the high scores? The game doesn’t appear to save anything. When I click “Submit”, it reloads the page and returns a fresh game with no score and none of the gallery pictures unlocked. :[

  3. Got to 305 before I mis-clicked a button, hehe… by that point the bar was yo-yoing so fast that there wasn’t time to click again. Oh well.

  4. Aww got to like 298 hit submit it refreshed and lost my score 🙁 Gallery now locked, didn’t even get to see it xD Oh well time to try to get up that high again!

  5. Can I have that song that plays basically on repeat in this game? I think it’s a remix of “Sexy Fuck” by Who’s Who. I can’t find it on YouTube.

  6. Looking back now, I feel like these positions were chosen based on the scene between Maiko & Coach Tom in Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters.

  7. 990?

    These “Stage. Gallery picture unlocked” messages (that keep on appearing on the screen even after you unlock all the pictures) often overlap Maiko’s commands which results in losing (or ending too early) the game.

      1. XD

        I wanted to score at least a thousand points but then another “Stage. Gallery picture unlocked” message appeared at the same time while there was Maiko’s command. I wasn’t phisically able to read what Maiko wanted from me and I failed.

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