Pattie Cake

Click the objects and get a high score! Mouse         High Scores Camper – Pattie Cake (754) Kizune –…


This is not a hentai game. This is a small battle card game I made for fun based on ARIA. I was…

Alt ARIA TT animation creation process

more wip videos:

Alt ARIA Bri animation creation process

more wip videos:

small updates

ARIA: working on alt aria animations so I can move forward with that game. currently doing bri, i recorded phia, ari is…

Alt ARIA Phia animation creation process

more wip videos:

ARIA CCG preview pics 2

this game will hopefully be ready today. it not perfect but not meant to be, was just something I did for fun.

Project Updates

been a little silent, but busy working on stuff now that I have time to catch up on things. There is quite…

ARIA CCG preview pics

found a cool little ccg kit for unity so I made a aria theme card game from it. might make a umichan…

UMCH character names voting post

Shota #1 Tsugo Brother Shota#2 black hair Shota#3 red hair Shota#4 brown hair Fat Guy #1 with glasses…

SVPG: Logo clothing blue

for more:

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