Project Updates


I figured it would be good to make a post on where I am at on various projects. I will just mentioned them as they come to mind.

Need to finish the Jeni quest and few other things to have completed what I consider to the core game. From there I will add music and sound effects and move it into a beta state. Additional things on the list of stuff to add to this game include more custom character stuff, the gymnastics club, the beach area where Maiko and girl team withing with Roise’s mom serves ice cream, and the Arcade area. possibly the lingerie shop from umcc also.

yes ARIA not ARIO heh. I sent pinoytoons a nice list of things to do to support making a definitive final version or ARIA. It will have The ship designes from ARIO, idle standing and sleeping animations for main characters, way better tutorials, and the levels wont start off as hard in beginning. sounds effects for sex scenes. I may have individual planet missions like in ARIO. I all also add all the voice lines I have not added yet. lots polish, and gameplay stuff like that.

Recently made edits to Phia based on concerns some people had. Also there is art I made for this that I haven’t used yet. I wanted to add you reach a planet there is a survival mode on the surface of the planet where the girl needs to last a number of days on the plane surface and explore the planet.

Agent Trainer
There is basically no story for this at the moment so it pretty open ended. Thinking about adding several customization features in there too or for a new game. I think it would be nice to battle or have sex with custom characters. would be animated tween scenes.

Umichan boxer
been working on this game a lot to get to playable state. It is playable now just not multiplayer yet. there is currently no way to gain HP or fitness stats. you gain melee from boxing, fitness or HP will be from sex (not added yet). but need something for the third thing. I also want to make it where you can fight male opponents and even play as one eventually. but for now I want it where you can fight them a least.

The Rookie
Finished day 2 while ago. Have not started writing day 3. But it will have combat system in day 3. This is being tested in ARIA:Jailbreak. I like making the VNs games because I make build them for any platform including mobile. So being to get animation working was nice. Now I need just a bit of gameplay beyond clicking dialogue choices. Will start writing stuff for the Rookie day probably sometime in December. I want a lot of different endings and have some paths the can only be started in day 3.

Other stuff
haven’t been motivated to do much MMD stuff. but will likely at least do my usual Christmas stuff.

had a idea to make my old DoE game into a pvp type game. At auto battle system and, different build for reach character is already in the game. Plus ttrop has a lot of the character profile art redrawn. Also haven’t forgot to make a VN that tells the story that happens in DoE.

I try to learn some construct 2 in my “other stuff” time where I take breaks from the main stuff. construct 2 allows porting to multiple platforms and have several game templates. There is a card game and stealth game template I wanted to check out to see if i can make hentai games from them heh.

still have a few things I want to get to in Unity 3D. updating the old crystal hunter game, making for of Umichan 3d, and making enough of umichan online to have public release and more online events. Also where you can save your stats. Wanted to make a 3D Aria game also.

wanted to working a bit more of various custom editor project I have made for fun. There is one for ARIA, and one for UMCC kinda. I wanted to work on that one a bit more.

if there is anything I missed let me know and i can update you on it.