January 3, 2024

38 thoughts on “small updates

    1. pretty soon trying for today. I am late, but hopefully I can explain why later or it will make sense later. sorry for the delay.

          1. bikini stuff is for later with new areas added. ttrop is done with about half of them. Gym stuff and that will be around the same time. Though part of the gym stuff with be in this update.

        1. I didn’t do more random girl stuff in this one, that is for a different game. I will explain why it is talking so long in a later post.

  1. pretty much done with the major part of the update just working in some dialogue stuff I missed or didn’t get to yet. also adding in some other stuff I will mention in alter update posts.

  2. Friends. Any work is a progress to do ah. Too much reminder is not a good thing.

    But release the game that page. Reply to the article to pull down the page dragging the menu longer, do you want to add hidden features?

    1. There are no hidden features at the moment but I have realized that there are several things you can do in the game that many people may not have not realized yet.

  3. I have to say good job on your games I really enjoy them am just suggesting this idea but for UMCH is it possible to add a sex friend function to the game i think it will be a really good idea to have either a male or female sex friend to the game? Anyways keep up the good work

    1. Thanks, I’m not totally sure on what you mean by a sex friend function since it can be interpreted different ways. Also there might be something like that already in the game with Pattie. If you can elaborate it would be helpful thanks.

      1. Well the best way to put it is like in UMCC there was a function that allowed you to build up friendship with characters I think so maybe you can make a function that when you talk to a character a lot you become friends with them and so when your friends with those characters you can call them to your room and have sex with them. I hope that make sense to you. That’s the best way I can put it.

    1. should be today. along with several posts I needed to post this week. when I was testing the update, it was working fine, but not working in google chrome anymore for some reason, so I had to to figure that out because I don’t want a ton of messages about not being able to run the game heh. there’s still a little more testing is needed but should finish today.

  4. em… its been like 10 days dude. you are not dead right?
    I hope your next post is not gonna be like “small updates” cuz srsly, there something should be already done.

    1. Hey kalerbik,
      Its everything ok. The update was delayed for an important reason, but Vortex can’t talk about it right now`. All I ask is for you to wait a little longer, it will be worth it, I asure you.

    2. Hi kalerbik, jccq89 is correct. Though there is nothing particularly special about this update from another one, the reason it is delayed I feel is important and it is intentional. Feel free to contact me on patreon if you have any issues with my delay thanks.

      1. So were going have like a big update instead once you get all your issues sorted out and what exactly would you do for people having an issues with the delay on pateron just curious? and whatever you have to do man to keep the game progressing forward and thr posts about the new characters and mini games sounds great keep up the good work boss

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