January 3, 2024

22 thoughts on “More umichan boxer updates

    1. yeah I just asked ttrop to make some random girls and she was one of them heh. could use some edits but I can get to it later if necessary.

  1. Maybe the outfits can affect health/endurance stats? Skimpier ones raise max stamina, more coverage adds health.

    1. but you could just get that from leveling stats. I was thing more like dodge chance or chance to take no damage, or reduced endurance use, etc.

      1. Could be both honestly, I can’t think of a reason why doubling down on level hp and equip hp would be a bad thing for anyone.

        You could also do the more unique stats you mentioned but include stats like that to balance them if some turn out to be better than expected.

        1. oh you mean after battle stat gains? I can see that. or do you mean permanent +stats? what about scaling etc? it hard to tell what is balanced. but there will be to be testing for that either way I imagine.

          I have the money icon there but I’m not sure I will use it. for this game I wanted to not have buying stats like agent trainer. I’m not sure I will even use money at all. like in UMCH/CC you get stat other ways like fighting for melee. maybe maybe sex for endurance, etc. I don’t want to put swimming thoguh. people had too many issues from UMCH. outfits possibly still from progression.

  2. I’d rather see outfits maybe add something, bunny girl adds rabbit punch, maid outfit give a distraction by showing panties, or some such thing. That is if you add that sort of thing.

    Overall, great job. I like how you spread the love around on all the games.

    1. what would those abilities do specifically thoguh? like a hypothetical rabbit punch does what exactly? distract has what effect? slow down? it seems like that might be a good one for the miss chance. to chance to stun without charging.

      1. Just throwing stuff out there but Rabbit Punch could be quick jabs to cause low damage, but daze’s an opponent causing attacks to be less accurate. Distract could be like a stun, lose a turn, or less accurate for 3 turns.

        I wasn’t trying to offer mechanics to you, not sure how you set up the game, but it’d be like taking buffs with outfits, gloves, or anything else that could give different effects. Sort of like Agent Trainer where weapons and khalei have different combat effects.

        1. currently I’m not in a position to add in extra abilities so yeah I was thinking more along the lines of adding effect onto existing things in the game you can do or wear, etc. at least for now. there are quick jabs in the UMCH game so I assume you mean add it onto that for example? I do have a push animation in there I don’t use that could be for something later. just need to recolor the nails and edit the code to handle it. the opponent is fairly basic it can’t do quick jabs or charge hits, etc.

  3. Wow the online boxing match that we talk about a year ago. So you finally found a way to get it done? So adding it element type of weapons. This might make it more interesting…

    1. here were my ideas for the weapons so far. they each have a offensive and defensive effect.

      braced –
      use less endurance for flurry
      block damage resistance

      khalei blade –
      damage through block
      enemy takes damage from attacking you.

      Khalei absorb –
      recover endurance faster when blocking.
      enemies use more endurance to attack you when you are blocking

      if you notice the Khalei blade is actually same device from daughter of eve that Gheist uses. it is attached to her leg. the metal gloves are the same Lynn and Phil uses.

  4. Wait, so in this update we wont play as Maiko Senpai, but we will play as another character (Female from info of this) or this is just another game? Im lost…sorry for the trouble 😛

    1. I will get to the update. I have a lot of updates for different things I need to get to but I can only do one thing at a time heh.

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