January 3, 2024

14 thoughts on “SVP social media

    1. Hey! How are you doing?

      Its cool to see Spiral’s getting a marketing department started. I took a look at the social media stuff you started and as a marketing man myself I just wanted to say it looks good.

      1. I am doing great! And you?

        Thanks my friend! I am really happy to hear that you liked it! I will work hard to keep improving 🙂

  1. Because of network barriers.Chinese normal can not connect totwitter and tumblr. Just Intelligent website support.

  2. Of course I’ll definitely spread the word around! You definitely deserve much more attention to the public! But anyways if it’s only Twitter and Tumblr, should I set up an Instagram as well to spread the word around? I wouldn’t mind at all!

    1. Thanks, I was going to set up a Instagram later on with a bit more of a focus on irl stuff like models and svp girl stuff for that site.

    1. I don’t use it much but suppose I could or see about making a group or something idk. I’ll look into it more.
      I stopped using it after my art was getting stolen literally. this person was pretending they drew my pictures lol.

  3. I will be following your works on Twitter! I hope your works become more popular! They deserve it! I always mention your works to my friends when we talk about Hentai Games!

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