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Site Updates

Patreon: Updated my patreon page. I still have a little more to do there. SVP: please check out the straw poll post…

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SVP Straw Poll, Feedback Requested I was thinking about some of the regular content I had on the site that was outside the scope of a…

MMD: Leeina update test

Tasha’s sister Leeina

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UMCH preview animations

post a few gifs of some of the animations in the upcoming UMCH hentai game. The gifs might be playing too fast…

Tasha in MMD + motion previews

Made Tasha in MMD. When I get time I will update the wiki more. made a small entry for now

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small updates

not sure how much of this I will get done this weekend because I have a lot of tax stuff I need…

ARIA custom scenario testing video (making and testing)

We’ll I think this custom stuff should be done enough after I work on it a bit more today. I need to…

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ARIA Debugging

This video is kind of the middle of testing custom stuff, but you can see were I have more bugs to fix….

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ARIA updates, custom scene editor preview

creating customization scenes and stories in ARIA is the last component to 2.3 I have been working on. This is something that…

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UMCH update images

All the basic mini game activities are implemented in the game thus far. They are not finalized but they are there.

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SVP: I think I found a decent wiki plugin so I will start populating the wiki. The link to it was added…

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ARIA Walkthrough 2.3

ARIA – Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault v2.3 walkthrough created by : Vortex00 and jccq89 edited by: Vortex00 find the game at:…

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