UMCH pill problem: Feedback requested

Due to what I believe is a request from a small mostly lurking audience, I have added mechanics for pregnancy in UMCH. It leads to a game over scene that is very simple and can easily be applied for the multiple guys maiko can possibly get pregnant from.

I’ll be honest pregnancy porn is not my thing at all. I’m not even neutral. However I can be ok with it here because it does provide a non obscure way to actually lose the game. As opposed an obscure way where you just realize you can’t advance any further. imo UMCH needed at least a fairly lightweight lose condition so it’s cool.

recently it was recommended to have unique scenes that play for each person Maiko fails to not get pregnant from. So a game over dialogue scene with preggers Maiko with Greel, Tom, David etc.
The “etc” part is my main concern, because this game will have a lot of hentai scenes, worried about how much this will impact the game since it wasn’t even originally planned to have. Usually something not originally planned is ok if it small and easy to manage but idk about making a new pregger game over scene for each guy that can cum in Maiko.

There a few options here to please review and vote in straw poll

having a unique scene for each guy type.
For example there are Tough guys who are muscular, unfit guys who are on the thin side, the shotas, the fat guys etc.
each type will have a scenes so there maybe like four currently needed. not exactly sure what the scene would show though.

Another thing is having a pill+ or something where maiko can’t get pregnant. And she wont have sex with most characters without it. That would leaves just scenes for Joiry, Greel, David, Tom, and maybe Kyle, even suggested Tsugo as option for Maiko at the end of the Affluently Ineffective quest if you select the option that makes that possible. So those guys would have pregger game over scenes, while for others guy she will not have sex with until she has a pill+ active. I’ll have to admit the current scenes wilson wrote for unique scenes are pretty good, and seems to fit the story in the short term what would happen if Maiko got pregnant.

leave it like it is and apply that same scenes to all the guys and future guys it may apply to.

this is you don’t like pregnancy in the game at all. If this is majority it doesn’t mean I will remove it. but at the same time I don’t want to put effort something that not really my cup of tea, plus not many really wants to see anyways.

overall by having the pregnancy I am just trying to have a little something for everyone. everyone won’t be 100% happy. this game will have stuff people like and people don’t like. Not everyone likes the same stuff. But I can’t even think about what to do with pregnancy specifically if I have no real guess on how many people really want this or not.