September 5, 2023

30 thoughts on “UMCH pill problem: Feedback requested

  1. That hand thing that Maiko is doing really bothers me. Who does that? Sorry for the rough criticism, but as I stated before, it really bothers me.

    1. Yes the hands are not drawn correctly imo, it’ll be fixed along with some other stuff at a later date.

  2. I am choosing Option 2, though I would say you don’t really need a Pill+ mechanic at all. Just have the scenes with the MAIN Male Characters, and if she gets pregnant with anyone else put in the Preggers gameover scene like you have in this post here.

    1. I 120% agree with this. I don’t like how option 2 limits gameplay. I think this “option 5” is the best of both worlds, and it doesn’t remove anything from the game.

  3. I like the idea of her getting pregnant. But, I don’t like the idea of Maiko getting pregnant being overused. I mean you’ve got the birth control pills to rely on if you don’t want to get pregnant. But having to constantly worry of Maiko getting pregnant and taking the pills over and over again is quite tiresome. I think you should leave out the idea of Maiko getting pregnant out of the way, just one scene with David. I think the idea is unique, but it’s inconvenient for the other people who are playing this game since once you get Maiko pregnant, the game is over.

    1. I don’t think it is overused in it’s current implementation. I am however worried about the future use of it. Currently, there are 4 scenes where this can happen and they are not repeatable.

      Also it is worth mentioning the condom button will be for not having to worry about needing a pill.
      you will be able to buy many at a time and one will be consumed anytime the pill symbol would have otherwise appeared.

      but certain scenes, like as you mentioned the David scene, might not use the condom so it makes sense based on what is happening. Also in some cases condoms would be free for Maiko.

  4. I voted for option 2,as for option 1 would be a lot of script to write. That knock up Maiko picture heh. She looks like the face like she fuck up. But hey her breast are bigger. LOL I can only imagine Maiko’s mom beating the living shit out of Tom. You know the teacher, Maiko’s mom comes right in over heard what Maiko just say. Maiko’s mom looks at Tom enrage. WTF you done to my little girl?! As she is beating the shit out of Tom. LOL

    1. option 2 does have stuff already written.
      I know it revealed at the start of but still spoilers man heh
      I think some people here are waiting till the game is more complete to start playing it.

  5. One option is to have different steps. you can buy condoms that are cheap and use them for most occasions. but if you charge for the sex so it will not be as much money as you get. second step is to buy the combined oral contraceptive pill. they cost much but is a week or two. The third option you have is to take a chance and that they do not come in and if they do it will pay the abortion pill. would be good if you do not have any money to get it by making some services.
    screwed up once and did not have money at the end of the evening and could not work more. Got to start the time from a previous place.

    just one option that could be interesting. Sincerely djungelpojken

    1. Like the way that it should be an option how to be game over.
      ther are not many such in the game a so long.

    2. I really like this idea – it expands on the risk-taking mechanics, without requiring any great delving into making dedicated pregnancy content.

      I fall into the group that’s not so interested in actual pregnancy content – I’m just super drawn to the concepts of taking risks, and the dangers of unwanted impregnation. I’m not entirely sure how I should vote, really. I wouldn’t want the game to be limited as a result – players should be able to take unsafe risks… but at the same time, I wouldn’t vote for any great extra attention being paid to making extra scenes for variant game-over scenarios.

      At the moment it feels like places where you can actually get yourself put at risk are fairly limited; along with the option of using condoms (for less customer satisfaction), it would be good if there was more of a chance for the day to day cafe service putting her at risk, if she chose to dot he work unprotected.

      These suggestions feel like a good way of taking it, to me – including the option of being able to do some sort of desperation service at night, if Maiko knows that she absolutely needs a pill now, but cannot afford it.

      For those not interested in the content in any way shape or form, you could also put an in-game option toggle – either an implant or a shot, which are the type of contraceptive choices which would then last for the duration for the game without having to be worried about again.

      Still not sure what way I ought to vote, on the poll, to express my position, though. Suggestions?

      1. imo having a desperation service to get a pill if you need it defeats the point of having the pill as a game over.

        I don’t really see Maiko as a risk taker with strangers. It is currently limited because I want to really be careful about what is added and how it can effect multiple things. I don’t think many of the suggestions consider this beforehand.

        For example, I don’t want the cafe to seems like a shit hole where the girls work there but constantly have to deal with taking risks to not get pregnant. This also reflect poorly on Holly. I want the cafe to seem like a fairly nice place for them to work with a peace of mind.

        I’m starting think that option 2 plus a needle or pill+ to not ever get preggers later on, maybe when Remi is added, would be way to go. and for random guys it would just show the scene in the game currently.

        1. That’s fair enough. The ‘desperation job’ suggestion came more from a scenario-realism point of view than a mechanical one – a highly stressful situation to find herself in as a result of an unplanned indiscretion or unwanted encounter. Purely mechanically, of course, if you’re wanting the risk to serve as a potential fail-state for the game, then yeah, it does defeat the purpose a bit.

          You’re right about the cafe – it should definitely be a place where girls can feel safe and comfortable doing as they do; it’s why I was fond of the idea that any risk taken there would need to be free choice of the girl (say, the cafe supplies condoms and encourages girls to use them if they’re having sex with a client, but girls know it’s more enjoyable for guys and will probably net them bigger tips, if they decide to go without – that kind of situation). Of course, since Maiko is predominately your character (even if we’re the ones running around as her), if you say her character traits make her not one prone to taking risks in most cases, then that pretty much settles it anyway ^.^

          1. It’s not “that’s my character so that settles it”. There is method to the madness, and hopefully a valid reason that I will explain. I should probably make a post about it.

            But UMCC was originally created, and still is being created through UMCH, to explain Maiko, and the characters around her that influences her, to better explain the situation in a game planned for later on. This seemed like the better plan instead of trying to do a lot of flashbacks or trying to explain backstory in the game planned for later. In trying to do that task, UMCC is extremely self defeating due to trying to add in H in all the different hentai requests people wanted.

            Maiko became this character that walks around naked everywhere covered in cum, trying get a reaction out of people. And she gets male students to follow her around and have sex in random places outside, at her house, in school, or wherever. Similarly, she will get female students to follow her around and have sex with random people, or students, without any concern for their own health, their own schedule, their own likes or dislikes or anything heh, all because maiko gets popular through an artificial point system and rivalry with Luma. That’s not really compelling reason why anyone would do that. All the character personalities in the game become ruined because it is not identifiable that all the the things the player can do that are optional, such literally all the sex in the game, are essentially non canon. Anything that game makes you do to win, such as beat Luma, is canon. That idea becomes lost.

            You might wondering why this matters. It is because as I mentioned, the story doesn’t stop, or even begin, at UMCC/CH. As you may or may not know I have other games created, and other games planned that tell different parts of a single overall story that UMCC/CH is a part of. Thee is Semitix, DoE, ARIA, The Rookie and more. Piecing them all together will tell a single story by the end of it.

            so this portion, UMCC/CH. is similar to making Star wars episode 3 when you have 1, 2 and 4, 5 and 6 already created physically and/or mentally.

            Anakin can’t becomes some master jedi, he has to become dark vader. if that makes sense. spoilers I know but, it’s the best example I can think of how it relates to this.

            Having said that, I think almost all cases with Maiko and a risk would need to be to her either forcefully or unknowingly. and by forcibly not just physically, it could also be just not leave her with many to no alternatives.

  6. I would go with option two, I think. I like the idea of each character getting a unique Maiko-pregnant scene but she shouldn’t be able to get pregnant from cafe guys. I had assumed that Holly had a system in place of some kind where the girls could not get pregnant under any circumstances, like a “guys cannot cum inside” rule or a pill is provided and the price is taken out of the sex fee. If you DO implement a “cafe guy” scene, I think it should just be a thing where she laments having to raise a kid on her own or she doesn’t know who the father is. Cafe guys aren’t important enough to have a unique scene.

    1. Yeah we are on the same page it seems for the most part when it comes to Holly and the cafe. I mentioned this in a earlier reply having the cafe a place where Maiko has to worry about getting pregnant reflect poorly on Holly and the place in general. I don’t really want the place to seem like everything is not under control. I want to make it seem like Holly has various rule and preventative measures in place. This is also assumed by the limited about of time the guys purchase to hope they can come in time, and what could could possibly force them to follow the rules instead of just going over the time limit. That is hopefully assumed to be Holly’s handiwork heh. Or even Jeni.

      If have what is the equivalent of a cafe guy scene or minigame that can get Maiko pregnant it would not be at the cafe. At least I have to plans to do that currently. An example would be the David POV scene.

  7. Kudos on adding the pregnancy OPTION. if people don’t like it, they can turn off the OPTION. nothing worse than removing options.

    1. agreed and i was suprised that there wasn’t a option 5 for the poll to make it a toggleable option like for me i would like a toggle to disable everything preg related

    2. There is no option to turn it off and Vortex doesn’t want to include one for the sake of immersion. If there was an option to turn it off then this whole poll wouldn’t be necessary.

    3. Brigma is correct here, It’s not an option. It’s either going to be there or it isn’t. it is why the poll is needed. Aside from immersion, once I have one thing you can turn off, it will be an excuse used as argument to turn something else off.

      the clothes and hair has a toggle there because it assumed Makio did still change clothes or fix her hair, you just skipped the process of doing it as a player of the game. but skipping the process versus turning it off is not the same. I hope that makes sense.

      At best to turn it off would be a pill+ or needle shot you need to get in the game. whenever I add Remi I will move all the pill stuff to her office instead of the cafe. This at least retains the immersion.

  8. I’m not into pregnancy stuff at all, but I do like seeing more interactions with the characters. It would be interesting to see how the male characters + Maiko react with her getting their child; even the generic characters.

    I suggest having an option so that you can adjust so that make it so that every cafe sex scene gives an automatic pill for those people who don’t want to deal with it all the time, if you’re gonna be going for option 1.

    1. Yeah ending from what I read seemed fairly interesting and worth having just for curiosity sake.

      It is highly doubtful you will get pregnant from repeatable cafe sex minigames.

      When I add remi she will probably being to the game way for Maiko no longer get pregnant. Assuming it is needed.

  9. Well, I like option 2 that didn’t have a pill+. I think it too strict to play in game like this , but a unique scene for main character would be nice.

    Personally i like some dark stuff because it’s more interesting than just a vanilla things. Vanilla can be found on the basis so some dark stuff would be nice though.

    1. I’ll probably have option 2 for the main character and the current scene for anyone potential other or random characters.

  10. I’m fine with options 2, 3 or 4. Basically I don’t want you to spend a great amount of resources to make a bunch of unique scenes.

    One question about the Pill option though. Would the player need to remember to manually take the pill every day, or would Maiko just automatically take one everyday?

    1. the player would need to take it before Maiko sleeps if the pill icon is visible. you can’t preemptively buy pills. yes if for some future reason you are getting the pill everyday it can become a problem. currently that is not possible thoguh. But if it does becomes possible I will have things the player can do about it.
      The condom button is already there if fact. just not implemented yet. It will consume a condom instead whenever Maiko would otherwise need to take a pill.

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