September 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Going out of town, Pill Results, and the lore behind UMCH and ARIA

  1. The way I see UMCC and UMCH being a remake or kind of a sequel/remake. In my head Sixxe and Annie are trying to charge event to keep Maiko alive. So who say say how many times Annie keep charging events.

  2. Typo I mean Annie keep going to the past changing events trying again and again and again. Would be funny if Dizzy remembers all the events even events time line in her events that was change she knows. But know one believes her.

  3. This was definitely a good post to make, especially as it details how the pregnancy mechanic will work in the possible future and the order of events for the story. It’s a very well thought out and broken down process for the story of UMCH and ARIA, even referring to games out out yet. That structure is not something I’d expect, but is warming and well appreciated to say the least. I can tell this is gonna be good, especially if UMCH (which already seems amazing) is only in it’s alpha stage. There are some things I want to say/give feedback on with a list similar to my one on UMCH (best organization I have haha).

    1. Hope you have fun at your Family Reunion man! Wish ya the best on your break/step away from it all.

    —-About the pregnancy section—–
    2. If you plan to have that mechanic enter the game where she can’t be pregnant, it should definitely be after the player gets that Game over scene a select number of times. Infact, after reloading the save after this limit is reached, have it turn into an event where Maiko is asking Holly if she has some “special pills” to fix this problem.
    3. Maiko getting pregnant and the player reloadng the game could come to Miako in the form of dreams. These dreams she’d have could, in later builds, change the outcome of the sex scene itself, as if she’s having deja-vu and remembering she got pregnant here.
    4. Maybe as the game progresses and she has more sex and gets pregnant she becomes more reluctant to take the pill. This would be driven further home by her having the dreams/deja-vu mentioned above but still going through with it, even going to sleep and causing a second game over at that same event. Of course she’d take it att some point to move on, but that’d be where the interaction between her and Holly over “special” pills to stop impregnation comes into play. That connects the ideas you had and adds to the story in her sexuality, showing how sexual the character could make her if they so choose.
    5. It would be good to have him only attack after she’s at least gain the correct/suitable stats to fight him off somewhat, even if she can’t win just yet. Another thing is that as she gets stronger, maybe other students from school appear in the night to try and rape Maiko, where you fight them off and get stronger when you win. Or the opposite where she encounters a student during the night at the park and, after talking for while and even building a relationship with them, the two have sex in the night. That way it’s not always focused on defending yourself against just David, but also other students as well as developing relationships with others.
    6. While studying with with Reiko (think that’s right), if Maiko comes home after being attacked by David (or other students) maybe instead of studying the two just sleep together, Reiko giving her some pills and ridding her of stress when she wakes up in the morning. Could even lead into the event of her getting the special pill, as well as involving other students in the quest depending on who’s successfully beaten Maiko during the night.

    —About The story behind UMCH and ARIA section—-
    7. I’ll be the first to say I’m happy to have this cleared up and have somehere to come incase I’m missing the story. Honestly, I proably won’t play the other games prior to UMCH, The rookie being an exception. Not because they aren’t good and don’t hold part of the story, but because the artwork at the time slightly bugs me. It’s the same reason i couldn’t really enjoy playing UMCC after I got a taste of UMCH, as the artwork felt Barby Dolish with the big eyes that kinda creeped me out. Sorry.
    8. If you’ve already realized the flaws that came with making UMCC and are improving on them in UMCH by lowering if not reducing the amount of scenes, that’s amazing. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them entirety, as they could just pay homage/give those who played both games memories of the first. Also, if you’re looking back and realizing the flaws, you could if you wanted think of ways to include them so they do make sense, and while it is more work it adds to the content and even deepens the story in some aspects. Overall, just because UMCC had so many sexual encounters in it unlike UMCH might have, doesn’t mean you couldn’t find ways to work them in and make them part of UMCH. Infact, if you look at it in certain angles you could even make quests out of it to add story to the game, if that makes sense.
    9. I agree don’t do things that, in the future, will not seem to make sense with the character. At the same time, don’t stick so closely to that future image that it can’t be molded or changed a little based on the events that happen. From my angle, it seems you’re trying to keep them all in this box of how they’re going to be in the future, and not letting them break change in the present. Or, in better terms, you’re trying to stay in the straight line towards that end goal/view of the characters instead of branching out and seeing how that character’s image could change with each thing they do that doesn’t fit your orginal idea. It’s like Future Trunks going back in time to warn Goku, but then seeing 17 and 18 are different in the main timeline. The future can always change, and as you build it in the present, the ideas will slowly start to mold and take better shape of a new, possibly better image of the character. No, i’m not just talking about the sexual stuff like if Maiko runs around naked, but more serious subjects. Don’t be afraid to explore and expand out of the comfort zone or ideas you have in the future. Who knows, maybe that’d come in handy and allow certain characters more freedom than they would in your original ideas. Not trying to be controlling or anything, that’s just my thoughts. Of course you probably already take this into account with the things you do and add to the game, so sorry if it comes off as a bit demanding from an outsider looking in.
    10. Given the way Maiko was set to first person, I’m actually surprised and excited to see how you incorporate other characters into the story in the same way as Maiko. A great way or start from how I see it is the AI quest with Zayaka and her sister. That could be first person as she’s talking and going through these troubles, how she ended up in the place she was and meeting the guy, then falling out with him and working under those other kids to get money to pay him off.
    11. In the case of locations, for certain characters and backstories like Zayaka’s and maybe others it could take them to special places Maiko might not go to, like the mansion at the end of the quest line. Idk, just throwing that out there.
    12. Typo Found: As he otehr characters, player would be able to travel to some of the same locations as Maiko.
    13. How would you introduce these new perspectives, or even work them into the game? Would they be new game+ sort of deal, backstory like I mentioned above, or something along the lines of when Miako is busy you could switch to someone else? I’d love to see a game like this from the perspective of Pattie or Reiko, evne Alma who seems to stick close and be at Miako’s side when she needs them. What are they thinking? How do they build and develop over the course of the story? I can’t wait to find out!

    That’s about it on my end, giving all the feedback I can to bring things into perspective. I hope they help you improve and develop the game to new heights, and they they don’t point out things or subjects you’ve already addressed. If that’s the case then I’m sorry about that, just trying to help the best I can as all. Hope it does even if only a little. Peace be with you on your Family Reunion!

    1. Totally agree, be careful not to sacrifice the game and, well, the hentai game for story’s sake
      I mean, your lore is really awesome, but I think what a lot of people(at I least for me) is the freedom of choice in the gameplay

      A lot of games hold your hand and tell you what to do, i really love the freedom in umcc and it is my favorite hentai game for it

    2. finally got a moment to read all of this. Thanks for the feedback.

      I tried adding all types of hentai and tried to make it fit back in UMCC. And here I am later feeling compelled to redo the game. These thoughts of what and what doesn’t work for what I was originally trying to do was crafted off and on over a period of time. Some stuff just seemed better removed then trying to shoehorn it in or rework it. But yes it is not something I didn’t consider for some of the stuff I didn’t plan to add in UMCH that was in UMCC. Some stuff maybe can workout later. But atm I just don’t see it.

      There is plenty of flexible room. In my post I am talking about something that makes no sense for the character to do, or an event that would happen to them that would affect stuff later.

      Also I don’t think following a story line is a limitation. Actually it is more free for me to follow a story and have the freedom to shape the characters truly how they need to be, as opposed trying to find ways to work in hentai where it really just doesn’t work. And spending time trying to force it in, try to make it fit, etc.

      I talk about this concept there:

      I think the common expectation that hentai should superseded story and or gameplay is severely limiting on character design. And for me story and gameplay are more important than the hentai. Always has been, because you need that to make the moment when hentai actually happens more meaningful because you know the context and it all more or less makes sense. And imo it’s more freedom to work without checking to make sure something from UMCC is still in UMCH. Imo these things are the biggest limitations if anything.

      Making more random guys rape Maiko in addition to David makes David seem like less of maniac and more of problem fundamentally dealing with the area and it’s policing, or the school it self. You can’t really fault David as much if several others are not civilized either.

      RIley would not have pills for Maiko since Maiko never has a kid. Getting preggers in is ending that needs to be redone and avoided to advance the game.

      in response to blackoni the game will have plenty of freedom to chose stuff and I think you will like it. The choices will just be a little more meaningful.

  4. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional, but the first day you basically have free will (due to insane stress levels) if you go do Tom’s test, and he fucks you and gives you a free pass on school basically. But since I did that on the second day, I only had $50 instead of the $60 I needed. I tried to buy pills, but to no avail, I went to sleep. I was expecting something the next day, but I got nothing. Could be a bug. Thought you might want to know.

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