January 3, 2024

17 thoughts on “small updates

  1. Can someone bring me up to speed with the differences between ARIA and ARIO, or direct me to where I can read about it? I saw the “alt animations” post but I didnt know there was another game. Does this one / will this one have a “Maker” associated with it as well?

    1. ARIO is a smaller game featuring Jeo and the ARIA girls in what I assume is the sequel to ARIA. Some of the mechanics are similar to ARIA but it has more of a focus on exploring planets than space battles, though space battles are still in as of the test file he put up in April. Art style is different and not done by Pinoy. As far as I know this won’t have a unique maker associated with it but he might port the different art into the main Aria maker. The only characters I believe to be confirmed for ARIO are the four Aria girls, Goo and Jeo though.

      1. Thanks for the information. I guess I didnt catch any of that. I had only seen the alternative animations and things.

      1. Oh, okay, yes I do remember reading those. Must have slipped my mind I guess. Did you ever end up hearing back from Nutaku? Would be great to see ARIA on there in some form or another. It would be great for exposure.

        1. Well they originally didn’t like pinoytoons art for some unclear reason which lead me to make ARIO. because based on what they were asking for it was easier just to make a new game. but it is a bit too much of a tangent tbh. I sent them a demo of it earlier and they never responded, probably forgot since the guys I contact are almost always busy as hell. But I didn’t bother to follow up either. I just want to wrap up the game at this point and keep it simple. I never really felt totally comfortable making a game designed around micro transaction stuff in it anyways. So I just took all that shit out and just making the game in way that I like and just going to leave it at that.

          1. As much of a business decision as creating a game with microtransactions and using Nutaku as a publisher would be for you with exposure and maybe some extra money, I think you’re doing the right thing by remaining independent. If you ever decide to make a full blown retail game it is still an option with their store now selling games for download.

            Im not sure where they get off on saying that they dont like Pinoytoons style art… That doesnt make sense to me as I have played several of their games that they have published and, truth be told most of their animation and stills are absolute garbage compared to the stuff you guys have put together collaboratively. I certainly wouldn’t be let down if they denied you being able to publish it through them in the end. You’re both probably better off without them, to be honest.

          2. Meh. I don’t try to understand it. I could write a long text wall about it detailing all the odd logic both myself and ttrop have noticed but it’s all good. I just need to focus on finishing my games for now either way.

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