January 2, 2024

5 thoughts on “Patreon now accepts Paypal for adult content!

  1. Wait what? How the hell that happen? Paypal doesn’t allow adultery and selling weapons and drugs to be use for Paypal. Well I guess a loophole was found. Unless Paypal finds out and comes back with a iron fist. Anyways this is good news for donations, yeah Patreon is breaking walls.

    1. not a loophole heh

      “After many long discussions we were able to convince PayPal, or more specifically their subsidiary Braintree, that Adult Content creators on Patreon are not a serious risk. Our content policy, and the nature of subscription payments, means that Adult Content creators on Patreon are less risky than most creators making adult content. We also have a very diverse mix of content types, so even if our Adult Content creators are higher risk than other types of creators, Patreon as a whole is less risky.”

      1. Well holy shit this is very good news for the indie porn industry. That create adult video games. Now if only video game makers make a game rated AO. After Rated M, Rated AO is the highest rating on a video game. It doesn’t mean a video game is about porn. It just means there is no censorship at all. The game is not for kids. But most people think AO means is porn vs the classic rating that uses XXX. Hatred a shooter went from rated M to Rated AO for the PC Gaming. But every time a game is AO, it gets banned or stores just won’t sell it. Because it might hurt there store blah blah blah. So gamers end up with a censored product and lots of stuff remove to get a M rating just to sell it on stores. I think Patreon might one day break that wall hopefully.

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