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UMCH updates

The next UMCH version will in addition to other stuff, have the stuff below also. Added the rest of the tutorials needed….

UMCH updates

UMCH is about done I just need to make tutorials and have ways to review certain animations. Hopefully I can take the…

UMCH dialogue thoughts for Casual/Bikini

This post is for Dialogue ideas for characters in locations in UMCH where they have on casual clothes and/or bikinis. This is…

Ace x Mika animation wip

this animation is part of the swimn minigame.

UMCH UI updates

working on tablet stuff and fixing bugs and other issues I am finding. I am implementing the Journal that tracks quest progress…

More UMCH updates

Finally finished adding bgm to all areas of the game except some of the sex scenes where I felt it was better…

UMCH updates

almost done with the sound effects an bgm stuff. I’ve been adding extra bgm and sound effects for things like boxing and…

small UMCH updates

I suspect people might be looking for some UMCH updates. I am still adding the sound code to the 116+ files that…

UMCH UI updates

Just showing some of the user interface (UI) changes for UMCH. None of these images are final and there are few things…

Mira’s Bizarre Adventure

Join Mira on her quest to find sexy muses!

The Evolution of Umichan Maiko

Maiko is turning 10 years in 2017! And to celebrate this special occasion, SpiralVortexPlay prepared this timeline with a bit of her…

Umichan Female Rivalries on Newgrounds

Please go check up Umichan Maiko Female Rivalries on Newgrounds and show it some 5 star love! Feel free to leave a…

Umichan Maiko Two Scoops

Maiko has trouble selling ice-cream!

Umichan Art updates (Zytra 3)

Third time’s a charm ?

Umichan Art updates (Zytra 2)

middle is newest edit. based on the date of this post of course.

Umichan Art updates (Girls 1)

all of the pics have comparison with the older art style. so I wanted to have a pic with a comparison with…

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