January 2, 2024

30 thoughts on “Umichan Female Rivalries on Newgrounds

  1. I had a little look around and gave it 5 stars.
    I like the new residential area. I’ll play some more later on. (I’m tired at the moment. :p)

  2. Looking great. Loving the adjustments to the story, likewise the improvements on the interface are much welcomed, you even adjusted the difficulty curve of the cafe mini game, all your improvements over time can be seen in this piece. this will certainly be a great introduction to newcomers. if I had to point out something that need improvement is the quality of the sound effex on H-scenes, but thats rather minor in an otherwise great game, keep it up

    1. Ah yeah the sound is pretty compressed. I’ll see if it can compile with much less compression.

      1. I have never worked with flash but I am quite experienced at encoding video and audio. since you seemed to have a little bit of troubles with your file sizes (as you said in your last update video) allow me to give some recommendations.

        As far as I know .swf is but a container, so you should have a wide range of codecs to work with, for most efficiency in compression/quality try encoding your source files using the following codecs before embedding to the project. I think flash should support them, most browsers natively do

        For audio encode using either opus (.ogg extension) or AAC (.m4a extension)
        For video encode using VP9 (.webm extension)
        While you are at it you could try using VP8L (.webp extension) for images, though I am not sure how widely supported this one is, chrome does natively support it at the very least

        With all that you should be able to reduce your file sizes around 30% while maintaining the same quality as the source files, and not having to resort to exceedingly compress the audio files as you did this time.

        hope this can help if even a little

        1. Many thanks. the flash version I use only takes in .mp3 and .wav format audio. and for video, it only takes .mov and has to convert it to .flv.

  3. So the full version of this game is available to Patreons? What else is included that was not on the Newgrounds version?

    1. for a time period. where it shows the full version heart icon it lets you know what else is there in full version. there are three additional things on the scenes page and additional pattie scene at the end. There is also chapter two there early.

  4. I played the old version and this on my phone and wow there are big improvements. Good job when we’ll the full game release or a different version?

    1. these don’t have multiple versions aside form bug fixes. there is just the next chapter. And those is plan to release monthly.

  5. Can you actually access the yuri scene with Riley or is that just a teaser? The yuri stuff is usually pretty good but it seems so underrepresented.

    1. Riley has no yuri scenes in here. Yeah I have a lack of yuri stuff atm. however the next chapter has more yuri stuff.

      1. Nice! Something about the character designs just seem perfect for yuri content so I’m eagerly anticipating more.

  6. Loved this! I managed to pass the exams (thanks to Tom -in the fair way- and Riley), make the Cafe get crowded (order mini games and I tried the sex mini, sadly.. I suck.)

    And… Luma how do you know about “that thing”? So Maiko gets popular only with sex? Well, Luma is the Queen (Bee and/or Bi-..) of Nanako High(*I call the school this way-… Oh damn, why not wait for the official name? Ok, I’m rambling). Okay, what I was saying? Luma’s popularity, so…Grade A+ student, athlete and Captain Joiry’s girlfriend.. Hmmmm..

    1. I would if I could and it worked correctly when streamed, however the game is over 700 MB. NG max limit is 500. also the game is split into multiple parts with no preloaders. And this is all before even adding sound and music.

  7. So is this some bit of a game – like a chapter – or a whole thing? I can’t seem to be able to confront Luma and as I’ve seen in various sites’ previews there’s some hentai I missed (though I used your password), like some blowjob scene. How to access it?

    1. It is the complete main quest with sound, music, added scenes, etc. you will not find anything in this that is outside of the main quest.

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