January 2, 2024

4 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Onsen Hime

  1. To answer your question – yes our group has been developing the game since 2007. However, we were unhappy with the initial results. Had we released any of the original prototypes they would be equivalent to Combin Ation’s games, and that’s not what we wanted to achieve. What we released in 2007 – 2011 were ebooks of rendered stills in an effort to help fund purchase development. In late 2011 we tried our hand at animated flash games. These often made more sales in the Japanese market. Mid-2012 we finally finished development of a controlled in-game animation system and finally ramped up production of our first full feature prototype.

    Hopefully you’ll watch for our latest release slated for this year (2014), and tried our new updated OH: SP demo. The new updated OH: SP full version contains new maps and features that serves as a sneak peek of the sequel game.

    1. Thanks for posting, I bought the version on DLsite.
      I’ll check it out and make a post about it.

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