VortexPlays: Onsen Hime

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It seems like a great game that mixes typical 2D date sim mechanics into a RPG style game. The only issue I ran into was the lack of content in the demo. The demo I played definitely did not sell the game. With the use of 3D character and animations I know there is tons of animations and images in here. So letting people see at least one of those essentially for free, to see what you are potentially paying for, would have been a much better sell. The developer has been making games since 2007 from what I can see, yet the games don’t seem to have much of a following nor have many downloads; Many only in single digit numbers, I did not investigate the reason for this. However, the game-play is pretty smooth. If it combines some combat with the date sim like mechanics then it looks to be a pretty good game, assuming you want to take the risk of buying it and being disappointed.