January 2, 2024

3 thoughts on “Site News: November 28, 2013

  1. Aria is a game I’m looking foreword to. Many wanted a sequel to Vandread LQ. However Aria would do even better. Yes I know you was planning to have 2 versions. A Cut down version to put on NG. And one with a bigger file on this site.

    I’ll be cheering for ya in Newgrounds

  2. If Aria get like or even better than VandreadLQ, its going to be awesome!
    This news posts are growing a lot on me, they are good because you dont need to go to the forums at “What you are doing post” to see whats happening, being on the front page makes all the random guys see it too and get informed. Really good!

  3. yeah this is how I used to do it. I can finally get back to it now.
    smaller things can be talked about in the forums still, but these posts will replace that thread.

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