Site News: November 28, 2013

Finally  a site update and not just re-posting stuff. Still in the process of getting thing showing up on here from the old main site. I wont bother with the pictures though, it is too many of them. I added a few sections:

MMD R-18 Tube -It pulls the latest ecchi MMD videos from youtube.

Hentai News Feeds – Pull RSS feeds from various hentai content sources. Since I usually don’t have time to brows around everywhere, this overview of what is going on was something I had been meaning to make for a while now.

Drawing Videos – This will be drawing videos both related and not related to hentai or just my stuff alone. Just any drawing videos I find intresting or want to post.

Voice acting – It will be where I post audio only stuff or hentai developer audio resources. Feel free to message me if you ideas to add anything to any of these sections.There are a few other sections I wanted to make that I will probably make after the holidays. I have a number of topics I wanted to talk about and add to the site. They will be in the forum of Thoughts and Analysis and CSG (Current State of Game)

UMCC – Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters I have been in the process of redrawing hairs for all the characters but I think I will stop where I am. I am getting a bit fatigued, and am growing more and more interested in finishing this and moving on. Everything that I wanted to achieve is done in this game already and just like this website. has had way too many changes that slow down the process, even it is to make the overall a better playing experience.

A few minigames there were in this and are now changed or gone, includes:
volleyball/dodge ball
front view swimming
DoE style fighting – well no liked that anyways. lol

As I finish up a might consider getting some official logo art drawn for the game buy a professional designer because I’m no designer, but I want it to look visually appealing. I would probably get some tips on the title screen and menu pages also.

Realistically, you can expect to probably see this game early or mid January. I want to get a larger general public opinion about the game. So I might reduce it down a post it as a NG as see what people think. another project I’m working on currently called ARIA, will probably be started sometime in march. ARIA might be considered to be the spiritual successor to Vandread Love Quest. UMCC_18