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4 thoughts on “Updates: December 01 2013

  1. Yeah UMCC is a different type of breed of hentai with multiple choices for her goal. Which I find a big plus. So no demo the way I see it, that is one less thing to worry about, giving you space in your head to think other ideas.

    Not many use MyBB so users that visit here with a phone or tablet won’t have as much problems as other sites, using a mobile.

    As for Dating Sim, I think being but as a extra in games is not a bad idea. The way Bioware does it with Mess Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars Kotor etc. As far as Sim Dates, yeah there have been less of it. More are doing Ecchi, hell even the gaming industry is using ecchi.

    I think it is do to the cut and paste that many do to the Sim Dates. To the point they cut and past other hentai games into there Sim. Today many just decide to make a Metroidvania type hentai game.

  2. @justjoe2k
    yeah there is no engine that can allow people to easily produce a game like UMCC. But there are several engines that can allow people to easily produce a castlevania and metroid style scrolling platform style game.

    When I think about this, Playshapes comes to mind.
    Flash is not exactly a “build-a-game-easily-engine” either.

    Essentially that LoK and Mario is missing community was established when he posted his source files along with a lot of his art assets out for he public to use. Now you see tons of games like that.

    It is interesting for me to consider doing something similar. If I can make it generally easier to make the games, perhaps more sim games would be created. make even make something like a EBF style fight system that is easy to modify.

    or people can pick whatever combat system they want to use. I have the DoE, I can make turn based, and the umcc boxing mini.

    I’ll have to see how feasible it all is later on.

  3. Those are valid points about the demo, now about the sim dating thing, i was talking to a friend who wants to one too, but without hentai, only story and all. After that I started to talk about these games not only in Brazil, but the world too. You are right, there are only you and Sim man, but the main difference i see on these Dating Sims that are not japanese, are that they are more interactive, i like the normal ones, but just reading gets boring fast… Besides, I love all the possibilites I have controlling Maiko on UMCC, as I always say when i talk about it. I wonder why people dont do more of those…
    I was all hyped about the new hairs, its sad they wont make it to the game, but I understand the problem with all the 3rd person Maiko’s scenes, you would have even more work to do… Maybe another time…

  4. @jccq89
    yeah the hair..
    Well as I started working on it seems like a bit of overkill. The hairs are good as they are honestly.
    I always go for this super mega overkill on effort. every 20 or so versions of UMCC looks totally different. And I am on version 81 I think.

    The next Umichan game in this style will have the new hairs. Such and UMCC2 or Snowball Holiday.
    Yes people these days can’t handle much reading. I learned this from the DoE game I made lol. If something on the screen is not moving or there is too much text, and/or it is too small, then people will lose interest in reading it.

    It affects me also, it can be seen in my sakurahime VortexPlays video where I skip most of the reading.

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