Updates: December 01 2013

Going to scratch the newgrounds demo I had planned.
also going to scratch any other demo I had planned to include feedback on a few other sites.
Mainly because I read on some forums that posting unfinished stuff around the net is not good. They had some pretty solid points as to why also.
I can agree myself for many of the points mentioned for various reasons.

But that is not really the reason.

The problem is really this:
I took a stroll around the internet today on major sites where people post what H game they are working on.
and exactly none of them have a first person hentai date sim style game. Even less a game remotely similar to umcc.
at best it seems like a place to post only completed games.

I literally think less than 5 people in the world even make a serious effort at sim type first person style games natively in english.
The result of that is, there is no central place where the game really seems to fit in on a discussion forum.

this post seems to sum it up.
“There just doesn’t seem to be anyone else making good flash dating sims anymore.”

even with the new simgirls coming out soon I don’t see this discussion listed on any forums I mentioned above.

The closest thing to umcc would proabaly be vandreadlq followed by simgirls and next might be aching dreams.
all you get from search results on all of this is barely a discussion on AD.
not sure what to make of it all.
In other news while I searched around I made note of what software the forums were comprised of.
Exactly none of them used MyBB

Also I’m probably going to see the same old hairs and save the new hairs for a different game.
I had changed Maiko’s hair on some of the other things to match the new style and she was looking like a straight up hot mess.
(Maiko appears in many places like her room, guitar,cafe, sex scenes, etc.)