January 2, 2024

21 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Mogi Origins Alpha

  1. For a alpha stage of a demo is sure looks complete. That is a good sign they have done good programming. Usually in alpha stages there are so many bugs. I know what you mean there are many that like the hentai top be in real time. Like in many of the other reviews you did. The hentai happens in real time. In the actual stage of the game.

    The staff can be use for all types of tricks. The charging to move a block is a good idea. Maybe the rod have all types of ability over time playing the game. Like create a force field, use a light that comes out like a whip to magnate hook to a metal hook to attach you rod in places is beyond reach. Think Super Metroid Samus grabbing bean or Super Castlevania 4 swinging from side to side to reach to the other side. Also different color of orbs do different abilities for the rob to use. Would make for some nice puzzle getting to the next stage.

    All that is left is for Veins to see this and to post it on the Ucogi Forums.

    I quick note to Veins he might be reading the comments. There should be a reason why these Mogies would fuck the guy. Maybe they are trying to drain the life out of him or his energy powers out. Would make them almost like a Succubus.

  2. Hey there! Thank you for the favorable review and the neat ideas you throw out there! This was pretty quick responce as well!

    Just to clear a few things up, e real game will have a story. The MoGi will appear a bit later, we just wanted to show the potencial of the game. Doors and orbs of different levels will exist, Voms would have to upgrade his tool to access them and even taking him less time to use it. There would be a reason for them to have sex but that is part of the story that would be gradually revealed as you play the game. So, no spoilers atm!

    Some things you missed: at the end of level 1-1 you can enter the room by pressing UP. At the beginning of lvl 1–3 there is an alley, you can also enter by pressing UP (I guess I need to make it more obvious). Also the Guy in the bulding at the end of 1-3 talks to you if you press C.

    Thank you very much, after months of hard work, this made my day, it was worth it!

  3. I figured if I delayed the video then it would be very much of of date.

    Yeah that is why I like to do video because you saw that I missed something that was not obvious or clearly understood. Yet I could not have written about it because I missed it completely.

    So the alpha was more of a mix of things that will be expanded upon later. In that case then like I said in the video, just keep doing what you are doing.

  4. The games is high quality in visuals and effects, even comparing to some of the ones who are out there for some time, this is pretty good.
    Some stuff I wanted to point out, I dont know if this is relevant, but the main character art is a little different in quality than the pumpkin girl, he seems to have thicker lines and a little less polish than the girl.
    The zoom during hentai is great, but I if a gallery is not planned, it would be a good idea to add at the end, since you cant let it looping out there, it finishes when he cums.
    When Veins said there where stuff you missed and that he thinks he could make them easier to see, you didnt know the commands to enter the door and stuff. Maybe a little tutorial in the first level? Something simple, on the first door one arrow pointing the key button to enter, stuff like that. A text bubble telling you can talk to the NPC.
    And i found it funny on the end, i dont know if it was a second scream or was Vortex screaming, but I laughed my ass off, hah

  5. Hello guys! Thanks for the support, it’s nice to find your comments here!

    The new demo is up. Saves, instructions, bubble NPCs, gallery, looping sex scene, creampie… are all there thanks to your comments. This game is 2 times better already!

    About the card game… I should start revealling the rules because ppl are interested. Ahhh, so much work!

  6. I gave it my vote a the site. I’ll make a new video as soon as I am able. It seems like everyone is a bit busy including myself. But that is a good thing thoguh everyone is being productive.

    You are going to have a ton of credits with the honorable mention being in even the first reward bracket. if everyone got the $5 tier and you reached your goal of 8k that is easily over 1500 names in the credits. You can probably expect about 1000+ realistically as some people will go for higher tiers. And this does not even take into account of any over funding.

    everything under $100 seems a bit lackluster to be honest, but those items are very easy to distribute to people and manage, so I can understand your reasoning in having them. The $100, $120 and $200 options seem like the best value. Anything that can influence the game that everyone else will see is what I find people to go for the most. So it will be interesting to see how many people go for the rewards where only their version of the game is being altered.

    Let me know when you get the votes

  7. I voted too. The game fells faster now, I like it.
    The old ending was funny, but i like the new one with the girl having an orgasm, thats really cool!
    I hope you guys get to work on the new characters, that will add more replay value to the game, since you describe them as having different play styles.

  8. The old ending still exists in the SFW option. After a lot of debate we retyped the rewards.. we dropped the prices quite a bit and we added a few offers as well. I hope they look good. We even changed the creadits, thanks for the suggestion. Sometimes something so obvious doesnt register when you have spent hours on the computer screen making a game!

    I would love to have the rest of the characters there. It’s a long shot but I’m playing all my cards on the table in this. Alice naked…. I’m sooo dead! XD

  9. I hope you reach you stretch goals however it is indeed a long shot. I have not researched Titans legacy much with games and I only assume I am familiar with yours, I have only seem his gamejolt stuff. In any case assume you both are relatively unknown in the hentai platforming scene, so you reaching $50k on the first game would be pretty amazing, and that is putting it mildly.

    I assume the votes needed is based on the goal amount you are asking for? If so then why did you not make the goal lower? I only ask this because your stretch goals are pretty high into the 50k region so I assume you had planned to go over even 8k at the very least.

    It is pretty risky but this would be an example of what I am talking about. Their goal was only 1k but they got 6k

    I would have hoped to see games on that site would get the votes needed faster as I barely see any games (especially good action oriented ones) on there at all. just take a look. there is 4 exactly in the voting process including yours….
    no surprise seeing the my little pony game almost at the the votes it needs and asking for 12k lol. I’m not sure how the game can even get money since it is obviously copyright.

    I assume you have done your own research but I will post the link to successful games on there so peeps can see some of that stuff has gotten pretty far up there.

    on a different note… the first character unlocked from your stretch goal is chibi ucogi… sooo I can assume she has so sex scenes right? LOL. becuz dat child pr0n

  10. Originally we wanted to ask for $10k but the more we ask for, the more we have to pay as a deposit fee which we would lose if the project won’t get funded. Also, Offbeatr keeps the 30% of the original goal. So we settled for 8k and we added two not so hard to do rewards for 9k and 10k.

    We added the Stretch Goals just in case. The price is high but so is the amount of work we need to do… with all the things we promised there, we barely cover our expenses because all that will take a lot of time to be made. New levels, new characters and balancing everything out is a huge task. If we don’t make it, that’s fine too but I really want to have Ucogi and Alice there and working with TitanAnteus I have this unique opportinity of making this into reality. Not sure how many chances I would have after that. If this fails, we finish the game as normal and we sell it. If it doesnt sell well… I’m not so sure if I can continue making hentai games because I need to make a living. So this is a bet: I continue making hentai games if this goes well, or I stop making hentai/ucogi games and i find asad job in some gloomy office where all creativity is filtered in gruesome ways. That’s why I’m playing all my cards here… not only the MoGi cards (^^;) but also taking the risk of showing Alice naked after 3+ years of defending her. I never intended to have chibi ucogi do porn. Some characters are not to be broken. Alice is a different case… she needs to have a reason to be naked, and being naked would have consequences. This is something we can finally show because the game can support what we have planned and it would be awesome!

    Ofbeatr doesnt get a lot of attention. It has only 4 games currently and any other projects are seemingly weak. The only reason the MoGi origin might fail is that because it has normal sex instead of fetishes (different terget group) and because it won’t get much exposure.

    All that said, this is my greatest project so far, it’s very prolific and promising, I work perfectly with TitanAnteus and we both love the game and the characters and the story. Ths is a rare moment for me and working hard for something you believe in, is one of the greatest pleasures. If we get the money we ask for, it would make everything worthwhile and it will guarantee that we will keep on doing what we best do, making hentai games!

  11. That’s interesting thanks for the info. I would hope you make the deposit after the voting period? lol. It sound like you guys shelled out the 30% of that already. So worst case scenario a person could pay the deposit and not reach the goal (or even get enough votes) and get nothing and also loose the money from the deposit? If that is true that is pretty damn harsh. It reminds me of one of the reasons why originally made this site to be a place that can offer all that for much less and without the bs. Perhaps I will try to peruse it again later on. It is actually very niche in reality.

    I love your positivity in all this however it was a bit disappointing to read your part about giving up hentai to be honest. Mainly because I had been trying to get you to monetize your stuff all along. I would have liked to see you not at a make or break, life or death moment like this in relation to doing something you enjoy doing. Playing all your cards as you describe it.

    Having said that I certainly hope this works out for you. I will contribute what I can financially but I don’t have a army of people to go over there and handle the voting process. And I certainly can’t make that site suddenly popular. I tend actually to avoid a lot of traffic.

    So you would really stop making hentai games? That part of your comment reminded me if a guy I knew named Overdrawn that was back when I was working on VandreadLQ and first learning flash. Very similar story between you and him. Also you mentioned at the end “doing what we do best, making hentai games”. Titans hentai games are located where? Aside from MoGi of course, all I saw was his gamejolt stuff. So MoGi is already the best? lol

    1. We’re making a game, and adding hentai content to it. I have a lot of experience with hentai games. I’m the translator for JSK’s Fuuma Girl Maisa, and did a partial translation of Overthrow Devil King. I’ve also played MGQ, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, the Violated Hero series, Desire Dungeon games, and basically anything that has monster girls that doesn’t feel like “Hentai Apocalypser ZUBRIUS.”

      I have a lot of experience with regular games as well. I can’t really post everything I’ve done on my GameJolt since I’m not the sole developer on a lot of things, and some of the other stuff’s already been monetized.

      I can understand your hesitation towards us though and your support is definitely greatly appreciated. This game will definitely be done well though. Veins does a good job of making the sexy parts sexy and unlike a lot of the competition we’re planning on having a story! (in multiple languages of course)

      Also, since you’re curious, we didn’t shell out the 30%. That’s only after the voting process is over. Also I kind of agree with the giving up Hentai bit. Sorry Veins :P. I’m putting in a lot into this game, but if it fails i’m trying again.

      1. lol I know you make some good games however a hentai game you translated or played in the past would not apply to what I was looking for when I mentioned seeing a hentai game you have previously made. I was mostly teasing anyways.

        Yeah here the term, hentai game, has always meant just as you describe, a game first primarily and hentai second. I have no doubt the game will be great.

        I can see from games that I review that the current and most stable trend of hentai scrolling platform games that do well are ones with basically no story at all; All action based. But then again you can look in a different genre and see the TiTs hentai text based game do amazingly well on offbeatr, nearly 200k. Far above any indie platforming hentai game I have seen. I think hardest part is this silly voting process. It is starting to taper off from what I can tell.

        I would assume that a lot of potential voters would not ever visit a hentai developer forum or blog. They would only play games, like free hentai flash games that are released through sites like Newgrounds for example. Maybe a quick hentai flash game that links to your blog and/or offbeatr is in order. Just an idea. You might also hit up hentai foundry. Just submit a nice hentai pic and put the links in the description of the picture. Veins already has the hentai pics needed such as the pumpkin girl.

  12. Yes if the project fails they keep our deposit which is around $150 when you ask for $8k. The pledgers wont lose any money, they get returned to them.

    When the voting period ends we should try and advertise/market the game as much as we can. I can’t tell with certainty that I would leave hentai games but I would need a diff approach at least. There are a few failsafes before that path fails but finding a regular job would limit everything else I do. Having so much at stake is what fuels me, so this will impact the game in a good way.

    1. Having a regular job does limit you. I can speak from experience on that. The game would do vey well on dlsite I would imagine. But many developers I have seen first would at least attempt to sell the game on their own site/blog to avoid the fees. The method you are doing currently is the best approach for a hentai game from my own personal research. Crowdfunding, then selling it as a download. If you can get it sponsored along the way that would be ideal also. Send emails to sites that host adult games. There is usually no billboard message that says they sponsor stuff but I have found that by simply asking big things can happen.

      As I mentioned from what I have seen, you already have the best method to make any money that is worth the effort. So the only different approach would be to change what you are selling. So you mention that the game might not do as well because it only has straight sex? That seems silly at first to think about but I know it is true. Seems like everytime I make a game someone is asking me where the yuri is, or where the damn nipple rings are.

      1. Umemaro mostly does straight sex and so does BraBusterSystem. I think their fans go to them because they’re one of the few avenues that just does regular stuff since regular stuff outside of regular animated H is rare.
        Honestly, I think there’s too much Futa, Yuri, Old People, Animal stuff and tentacles on the web. I just want to work on something more normal.

        1. You and me both. However I am slowly easing my way into these areas at my own pace and in interesting ways that fit a storyline within a game I would be working on and it would have to make sense. As long and it fits these requirements, and doesn’t gross me out too much, I would give it some consideration. Because I certainly want to be able to have something for fans of various fetishes.

          You are very right about animal stuff. Aside from the usual yiff and furry stuff, It seems like every other flash I see is about one or more of the my little ponies lol.

          I have never heard of BraBusterSystem, however I would assume Umemaro grew a large fan base by simply doing exceptional 3D animation work. With a much less focus on it being because it was animations about mostly straight sex.

          1. There are tons of exceptional 3D animators right now.
            Seriously… there’s double soft cream, ebimaru do, dollhouse, @OZ,Kenzsoft, seismic… just to name a few, and they are all as good as Umemaro imho. Double Soft(maybe Kenzsoft too) is actually better than Umemaro but all of their content matter is just…. Ebimaru has something for girls who cry and get dominated. Double Soft has something for Netorare… ugh… @OZ has a thing with raping heroines of famous series mostly tentacle and gangbang. Seismic doesn’t release that often but when they do, everyone jumps on their stuff because they’re the most normal out of everyone. They literally do like 8 different (really hot but normal)animations and get thousands of downloads and they release at the same pace as Ume.

            I’ve honestly been watching hentai for years…At least 7, and I still can’t stand any of the things I listed above there. I wont deny that I’ve branched out a bit. Sometimes I get the content if it has a position I like. For example, the newest Ebimaru is Scourge of Evil. A girl gets raped by a tentacle monster and a beast… surprisingly it has a cowgirl scene… which makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. So I kept that scene and got rid of everything else.

  13. @TitanAnteus

    All of those 3D animators are good, however many lack the small details that I tend see the most often in Umemaro’s work. It is pointless to get into the details because the whole conversation would boil down to personal preferences. But those preferences are what I would pick out to place Umemaro over the very same ones you mentioned where better. So to each his own there.

    You mentioned that you branched out a bit. I’d say you indeed branched out quite a bit, quite a lot even, more than you even give yourself credit for. Because I’m trying to understand everything you typed so far. Not all of it makes sense to me currently. It is a bit odd you can’t stand any of that stuff but monster girls is fine? That’s not exactly normal either. And you mentioned making a game where you have sex with a woman made of rocks, and another make out of pumkins and pumkin vines, was the more “normal” thing you just wanted to work on? How is that more normal than say yuri? Needless to say, I’m not quite sure how you are defining normal. From what you have mentioned so far I see it as any humanoid like male creature, having sex with another humanoid like female creature, and they both have to look not too old or too young? And by humanoid I mean having not more than two arms, two legs, etc. I could make the argument that monsters and furries are not too much different, especially the kind of furries that takes the trait of the animal head in question, such as bird or horse. But animals are outside the boundaries of how you define normal. So I ask you how are you are you defining normal?

    1. Yeah you’re right, I was using the word normal to describe to adult fetishes.

      Well I guess I can go and say which ones I dont like and why:

      I don’t like male homosexuality at all. It’s not appealing.
      For the same reason I don’t like yuri. I always think, wow… so meaningless and I know I can’t find words to describe it better but I really just cant like it. Same with masturbatory scenes.

      I’m weird with Futa. If the sex is done really well and I like the positions I might like it. I don’t like Affect3D’s Girlfriends4ever. Too much cockworship and I didn’t feel any intimacy there… I know… that’s a weird thing to look for in porn but it’s true.

      Animal Sex. Look if it has no anthropomorphic aspects I think it’s straight up disgusting. There are a lot of monster girls I do not like because they aren’t anthro enough. The violated hero series I think found a good balance.

      Gangbang… Too many penises. I don’t like a lot of the scenes associated with gangbang… too much sadism. If the girls into it… maybe… I don’t know… it depends on the quality. I can’t think of any guy I’m close enough with to share a girl with.

      Old people… physically unappealing. The reason it’s done is that if you compare the girl with the old person she’ll look 100x better I guess. I personally don’t get it. Put a hot girl with an old dude and I think… ugh… why… Maybe if I was old? Meh… prolly not.

      Tentacles… too much sadism… no empathy… I can never look at the heroine the same again. I tend to stay as far away from this as possible.

      Loli(older girls can be considered lolis)… I just prefer bigger chests. If the animation and motion is good(and it’s not rape), I might like it but otherwise… no please don’t exist. In my collection I don’t have any loli so I don’t think I found one I like.

      Other weird stuff… pegging, ballbusting, bdsm… that’s not sex. How can anyone derive joy from that.

      Everything else I think is what I constitute as normal. Also, this is super hypocritical but I don’t like guys raping girls, but i don’t mind girls raping guys. Girls raping guys imo is pretty funny…

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