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9 thoughts on “Updates: January 21 2014

  1. Those are really good ideas, the mood bracelet and the mood itself.
    If you go as Joe is suggesting, we can have 4 moods: joy, gloom, rage and calm.
    With Joy she would be happy and maybe receive bonus for actions she does.
    Gloom would be the oposite, making things harder to do, like not accepting to exercise and such.
    Rage would be like your description of picking fights during the day and maybe not being possible to walk with a partner during its effect.
    Calm can be the neutral mood.

    About the dating sims, the are very tradicional, almost never try to change, and when they do and succeed its a breath of fresh air man, i really enjoy those with little additions or little of humor to them.

  2. @justjoe2k
    Thanks for finding this. So I just need MMD Kyle then really. I actually worked on him before Greel but did not like the hair and how it was looking.

    the mood ideas are great ideas, I like Maiko not wanting to travel with anyone, that will make players address Maiko’s mood issues.

    1. Thanks. I remember play this but had forgotten about it. So people like the whole floating hands and floating penis thing ?

      1. Could be that the user was making short cuts out of the animation. Since drawing a hand with a body would and his face would take a lot of work, in which he already done a lot of animation. As a matter of fact the flash looks to be somewhere at what you have done in your early flash. You know JLCK flash. It may look some what basic animation. I bet it took him time to make.

        What I see is that in a world map you can only select the spa. I think he was planning to do other things with the flash never came up to do it. I wonder what he was trying to really do with this flash?

        1. yeah it looks like multiple areas on the ship was planned. It sorta kinda reminds me of Hentai Tail Hall but just with this one girl.

      2. Actually, this floating hands and penis is really common on japan, a lot of flashes i play use that style. There are floating hands, penis, a ball with a tongue or mouth to simulate a head, stuff like that.

        1. Yes however I would not immediately associate something that is common with something that is good. I say this in reference to hentai date sims having many common elements that could use a breath of fresh air, and even now a lot of hentai platformers have a lot common themes that could branch out also. However it doesn’t happen often, if at all.

          Kasumi rebirth had the floating penis and is overall very popular. Aside from the fact of Japanese law that she has to be fucked by a minecraft penis, I wonder if it could be improved by simply having even a little more focus on this dude (the player) who is doing the deed. Floating hands I can understand, but the penis… not so much. Meet n Fuck games adopted the style of floating hands with the whole ‘rubbing’ section of the game, because it’s history was based on ripping stuff right out of Japanese games including the art. But the sex actually shows the guy. Even the rare gangbang in the MnF games, or multiple guys doing the girls, the guys have more times than not, a body.

          However in those games, the angle changes usually to support the guys body being present. In many Japanese games the angle would not change when the sex starts. So similar to the hands, the penis is also floating so you can actually see what is going on.
          Is this lazy on the developers part? I can certainly understand, being someone who also makes the most economic use of stuff. But it would not mean the is the best of doing it.
          But in some instances, Kasumi rebirth included, the guys body can be present still. It should at least be optional.

          So say Kasumi Rebirth adopted the MnF method. All of it’s present clothing removal ass left as it is, but the sex part is a different angle to show the guy but still with whatever state of dress the girl was in. Would it be better or worse? why not both options? I can recall in my Umichan Maiko games many people wanted to view the action from different angles.

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