Updates: January 21 2014

Site Related
I want to start of by mentioning the most recent thing from my memory in relation to this site. Which is the fact that I actually realized another sites that uses MyBB forums, Affect3D. They have no integration to my knowledge. forum users are forum users, and site users are site users. One scenario I can have is back where I had it with being able to see MyBB forum new posts here just how you can currently see new posts on the new forum. And just forget the rest of it. I can eventually work out the issues.

Another thing I noticed on the site was the store with Zombaio merchant.I have been thinking about getting them but I was under the impression you needed to have a membership site even to use the cart system.
I really don’t want a membership site as I don’t have time to update it weekly or whatever is required. Plus updating the site with seemly random stuff that people pay monthly for is a bit whack imo. It makes a lot more sense if the memeber base votes sites on what content will be coming in the next few site updates, or some similar method. What they are doing with 3D is what I want to do with hentai games and hentai in general.

Project Related

I worked on a small flash game with Veins as my part to help further promote the MoGi Origins project. It is based on a heavily modified version of the “slap” mechanic I planned to use in UMCC which was based on UMSlap.

the game can be found here

I’m still working on the preview video that I will ultimately use to explain UMCC where needed. I have been just working on it off and on tbh.

I have been doing some MMD stuff trying to finish male UMCC models. It is almost done minus the facial hair.Aside from music videos, I want to recreate some scenes (and gameplay) from Umichan games such as some scenes from v2, adial, etc. even the hentai stuff. And also wip stuff that I have not released such as the story scenes I planned to add into UMDeluxe. There are also some story scripts Joe types somewhere in the old forums I should be able to easily create in MMD.

On the same note, I downloaded a lot of special effects. I’m thinking I have what special effects I need to make a video with sixxe vs. all the aria girls. I big fight scene. Tasha and Annie appear at the start but don’t fight for reasons that will be shown.

Interesting Stuff

I watched a few gameplay videos of I guess recent RPG sim date games.

I haven’t looked at any sim-date games in recent memory but I noticed a few interesting things as well as a few of the same old some old.

One interesting thing was the success/failure chances of doing a particular task. This doesn’t really apply in UMCC because most of what you do is based on player skill. But initially from level 1-3 Maiko does train without the player. It would be. interesting to make Maiko possibly fail some of these scenarios. Then I can have a general mood based on this and have a better use for talking to people on top of what is there already.So if her mood is bad that possibly introduce same things Revan had mentioned where Maiko can do different activities with Pattie for example or nay close friend and get in a better mood. I can also have Maiko just randomly wake up in a not so good mood. And getting into fights, losing arcade games, sent battles, etc, can lower her mood also. This is very similar to the ‘stress’ idea B__ introduced a while back. But would be more simplistic. Not sure how I would display this stat. But i’m thinking at least for morning currently Maiko always say the same thing about tired she is. I can use that to describe her starting mood for that day. I would think that having various text describe her mood would be a bit too much additional text.

There are mood bracelets that exist irl. It is bullshit irl, but in UMCC could be interesting since Maiko already has wrist accessories. You could but a mood bracelet from a shop that would tell the player Maiko’s mood based on color everytime they bring up the hand device.