January 2, 2024

8 thoughts on “Updates: January 11 2014

  1. A chick with pants on why not. Depends what type of character development you’ll have into her. Than again it is Winter on UMCC V2 so.. LOL

  2. @justjoe2k
    I think there will be much more than just pants, lol.
    Well, you know how i feel about the matter man, but anything you decide is ok, hah.
    I think that if its someone of the main characters, then i would think on Amber, since she has the flat chest and depending on how you portray her, she could be a little like a boy-girl (has girl face but dresses like a boy, with pants and all), but some hentai have even futas wearing skirts. I remember you said about adding yuri, and even saw the two girls who would be girlfriends, the red haired and black haired ones on the vid, maybe the blonde could be futa? (If you dont choose any main characters).
    About the small little stuff, i like the interactivity. I know its silly, but I joke with Eriot sayint that if I were a girl, i would do what i do to Maiko, jiggling everywhere and stuff, lol.
    The new item shop, if it focuses on photography, i was thinking on a pokemon snap approach, heh. It would sell better lens for zooming, food (attracts wild animals), maybe a aerosol (to make animals go way), and x ray lens (makes you take nude pictures, or see everybody naked). Then you could have objectives like: two girls and a bunny/butterfly (needs to use food), only humans (need to use aerosol to take the animals away) and etc.

  3. I think you should have some kind of effect when maiko fondling her own boobs in front of her friends (in 1st person view) maybe like how amber could a little bit shy, or make joey/pattie even more lustful toward maiko :p

  4. yeah I can make their facial expression change along with the other effects. Probably doing it in front of certain people like Jeni with cause you to loose relation points.

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