Back to business

As I mentioned recent in the text area in one of my recent MMD videos. I am going to put MMD in the back seat for now and get back on track with my projects. Do you see how many MMD videos I can get done when I don’t have to dick around with my website? And that is while working on other stuff.

Site updates:
I am working on my kickstarter for UMCC, filling out everything and making sure every single reward level is meaningful, worth it and realistic for me to offer as a reward. Successful or not, I will have the game available here as free version and paid version. I’m really worried about it too much. The paid version simply has more story elements and more fleshed out minigames. The free version I’m actually about to wrap p pretty soon with just what I have currently. The paid version will be everything I add after that. on Kickstarter I have the paid version sitting at the $10 amount bracket.

I will mention again that I plan to create a store here that sells adult hentai products. And anyone who has original hentai content, in any form, that is also worth paying for, will be welcome to sell things here. Previously I had wanted to do this through ccbill but could not due to their api not having a viable solution to do this. but with zombaio this would be possible.

This changes my plans for 2014 that I said in the video. In the video I planed for 3 crowd funding projects but I will probably do just this one, and focus on my site, projects and store. The marketing for the one kickstarter will bring enough attention to this site. And if there is enough people knowing about this place, and I have a store there then I don’t need crowd funding.

Actually the only reason I even wanted to do a crowd fund in the first place was because I could not make that stupid store I wanted. I will continue with the crowd fund however to gain knowledge of the process and experience it to I can talk about it accurately and document my experiences in a TandA video. My hope is that this will be helpful to others looking to get something funded that is hentai. Kind of what to do and what not to do.

I also have a VortexPlays that I need to do, probably a few games actually.

Product updates:
I sent e-mails to two different China suppliers about producing a custom 3D boob mousepad again. So that effort is back on track. I’m going to make this work some way. The mousepad will be sold on this website separately and also included as a reward for the kickstarter. I plan to get the 500 unit minimum for now. Folks in China normally reply early as balls in the morning while I am still sleeping. So hopefully I will get a reply soon.

Project Updates:
Very little progress has been made in UMCC due to all the MMD stuff I have been doing. which is why I’m going to focus on my projects for a bit. As suggested by jccq, I added in the butterflies but not any objectives to complete yet. Since UMCC can have hentai optional. the objectives will be broken doing into sections.

Ero objectives: such as making a guy cum or taking pics of bare boobs.
Picture objectives: taking pics of butterflies and people normally.
Situational objectives: These include moving someone out of the area or destroying sentinels floating around, or moving them close to someone.

I will also attempt to make the running minigame more flashed out with obstacle courses to help train Maiko.

Joe sparked my idea to look at making the swimming minigame, a top down minigame. This will allow me to make the swimming possibly more realistic swimming and make swimming at multiple locations. As I have currently. To made the side animations of swimming for all characters is just too much work for what it is worth.