January 6, 2024

12 thoughts on “Time for dem updates tho!!

  1. Holy shit a thousand oppai mousepads? O_o

    Well god damn all I can say is this is what sucks about doing business with a different country that talks a different language. Fuck if only such a company would be in your area would be much cheaper to do than go get it on a different continent country.

    As for Kickstarter yeah new users have sign up to your site. So damn I guess you got expose more from doing just that. Which is a good thing in the long run.

  2. Wow man, thats a lot of mouse pads… It just sucks it had problems during manufacturing… I still want one, haha.
    About the new guys. Yeah, there were quite the number asking about joining the forum on the places you posted the game too. I think most already got their account.

    1. The pads don’t look terrible, but definitely not what I wanted to be used.

      I stopped reading the other forums, I can’t make games or draw like anyone else but me. Some of the places I posted were really positive thoguh. I mentioned them to you already. I will update certain threads later when the game has finished this round of testing.

  3. I’m really surprised there are so many people that are being so picky about your art. You have improved so much since your first Maiko game. Sure, the art isn’t flawless, but that’s part of your style, and a big part of the charm. You’re doing what a lot of us wish we could do with our imagination. I’m glad to see that you’re not just giving up because of the feedback. I know it’s pretty cliche, but if you look at all those other successful people, their successes were born by learning from their “failures”. So stick with it!

    1. I was surprised also. But now I just keep it moving. I am much more hardened to criticism than I was previously.

      Yeah I can remember the Neurotically Yours, the Foamy and Germaine stuff on Newgorunds. People hated that dudes art lol. Especially after he was reusing it for each episode. Now he has to stop posting episodes in the flash portal because they automatically get daily first and people think it is unfair.

  4. Awesome news, well except the mousepads of course, sorry to hear they didn’t go to plan.
    However the rest of the update is great stuff, and I can’t wait to see it.
    I also look forwards to hearing your views on kickstarter, I have a group of friends who started a game through it and i’ve seen many so called “failed” kickstarter projects that went on to better things or re started later in another way with much more support.
    Keep up the good work, as always
    and thanks for keeping us in the loop

  5. Out of curiosity how much did the mouse pads costs to make? Like if I wanted a custom printed mouse pad how much would that cost me?

    1. In general you’ll be out about $600 to $1k, not including shipping.

      they are about $0.6 to $1.6 each to make depending on the materials they are made with, from the pad fabric, the material for the underside of the pad, to the type of gel and the amount of gel. But the lowest quantity I have seen was in the amount of a 500 minimum order. And those guys did not even reply to my work request lol. In my previous experience, I talked one company into only making only 100 but the communication with them was extremely frustrating and they tried to charge me will all kinds other stuff during the sample process to see how the final result will look. I think they did this to make up the difference for only getting 100 pads. If I make any more I’m going for only 100 or none at all.

      anyone in US that makes just 1 at a decent price even something like $50, I think would make some nice money. Haven’t been able to find that thoguh. I tried to make one myself but the result was terrible lol.

      I think I could make some just not with gel. it would be squishy foam type stuff that you find in arts and craft stores.
      basically stacking some of these possibly for the curve of the breasts (or curve of anything):

      ……or since I have 1k maybe I can just re-fabric them somehow lol. That might be interesting.

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