Time for dem updates tho!!

Updates: March 03 2014

Site updates:

Lot of new people have signed up for the site since I opened registration for a bit. I will probably delete users who I think are bots thoguh. Like when a lot of people sign up from the same domain in a relatively short time period.


I will start posting some videos on a new(ish) mmd r-18 site and see how it goes.
So far the maiko hentai video is posted. http://trollvids.com/user/Vortex00


Project Updates:

I think I finished what I want to have to have in umcc. It is in a quick final test then I’m going to just fwoosh~! it out there. So I should have the game available soon. I will probably update the game later on with suggestions.


Canceled UMCC on Kickstarter today, It was a ongoing unnecessary burden on my shoulders. I have no ill will towards the site or even any people who dislike the game from just watching the video. I’d actually say it was a success all things considered. I am just not the type of “social” guy that runs around and asks people for money while constrained to the “all or nothing” requirement. The requirement kind of holds you hostage in almost every single situation. It is very uncomfortable. Pretty glad I am free to just do my own thing. I’d rather just sell stuff like traditional. I have a lots to say about the whole experience but that will be later. I got a lot of love and lot of hate, so I’m pretty sure I have got the inside scooperz on both the good, bad and technicalities of using Kickstarter.


I thought about doing a umichan like underwater diving game. Nothing major, same areas. But just the diving minigame and maybe the minigame from umichan deluxe. Can use the same data from UMCC for swim skill. But level it up to lvl 10 in this game. This game would just the focus on stuff at the beach, and swimsuits and all that. Perhaps play as Kyle.


ARIA demo is playable, going to add a bit of the story in there, just a small intro. going to have test soon on the for balance/difficulty.


I also want to see if  I can recreate Crystal Hunter. A old 2D pixel RPG game I make in RPG toolkit a long time ago.


Product updates:

The China manufacturer totally messed up the oppai mousepads in a communication breakdown. very frustrating. They are not unusable, but they used to wrong drawing. Idk it is a long story. It is what it is. Anyways they on the way to the US. I have exactly nooooo idea how I’m going to get rid of a thousand of them heh.