January 2, 2024

10 thoughts on “UMCC 8X3.6 updates

    1. Sure. Doing certain actions consume a block on time in the day called Tasks. The coffee will replace the consumption of a task and the action will instead consume the coffee. (You can see Tasks and Coffee in pic #12 on the tablet)

      currently, Maiko can drink coffee up to three times per day, and the player can have Maiko consume the coffee all at once if desired. So that will give the player three stack of coffee.

      I might have it later where you just need to drink coffee once to get all three stacks of it. And also something later I might add is Maiko can not sleep with unused coffee stacks, or she doesn’t sleep well and it effects the next day. This would probably be better when I have Maiko having a percentage chances of succeeding at certain things, and with her having different moods.

  1. Looks fantastic.

    Offline version is what I’m looking most forward to. Will you be able to play this game on a Windows 8 tablet using touch or do you need mouse and keyboard?

    1. I had no thought of touch screen in mind when I started making this game roughly four years ago. Currently it would need a mouse and keyboard because of the way the screen moves around and due to the key bindings that exist in the game. like “Q” is bring up the tablet, and there is no other way to do it. Also there are fighting parts that need the direction arrows and buttons to do things like punch and defend.

      I have never never tried to play any of my games on windows 8, nor a tablet, just on a android smart phone. So maybe you can see what works and what doesn’t. Then I could possibly fix whatever the issue is.

      1. Well its not a big deal and doubt that many out there has a W8 tablet. So I would not put any focus into it.

        But like you said you need directional keys and that kinda breaks it for most tablets unless you have a keyboard like I do.

        Anyway keep up the good work and I hope to see the final game soon.

        1. Yeah idk. I just try to make the game initially without restraints or limits on hardware other then my own. back on umichan 1 and 2 people were saying I need to consider people on laptops with no mouse.

          I think so far ARIA is pretty tablet friendly

  2. Thanks Vortex, that gives me a much clearer understanding, I was worried that having a coffee might consume some time but give you more back later, and that at the cost of 300 players could just keep drinking coffee to get loads done in a day. I;m glad to hear it’s limited to three and can’t wait to play 🙂

  3. Very excited that it’s almost there. Have been waiting to see all of the changes since 8X and it’s so hard to be patient!

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