January 1, 2024

154 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters (UMCC)

    1. Sure but I would like to wait a bit first. I want a bit of feedback here first. I can already think of some stuff I forgot in the online version as I type this. I would like to post it on Newgrounds first also. But you might check around anyways if you have time. Because last time we just happen to find threads about it.

        1. The handjob mini is pretty easy once you figure it out. I’ll try to explain how i do it.

          First of all there are 4 speeds for each part of the mini game: Stopped, Slow, Medium and Fast.

          Once you make a selection for each part, the guy will give you a hint about how he feels about each one.

          If he says something about wanting it faster, you should increase your speed for that part.

          If he says something about wanting it slower, you should decrease your speed for that part.

          If he says something about it being good, you shouldn’t change the speed since it’s how he likes it.

          If he says something about it being too much, it means that part should be set to stopped.

          The easiest way to do the mini is to set every selection to the medium speed. This will mean that your are either right or one option away on every selection. If he likes a part, leave it alone. If he wants it faster, increase it. If he wants it slower, decrease it. If he thinks it’s too much, set it to stopped. If you follow this methodology you will win on the 2nd attempt every time.

  1. Awesome, I’m getting on bandcamp tomorrow and getting my hands on a full version. Thanks Vortex ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Found a bug in the offline version.

    After getting beaten up on the way home a second time he just stands alone in the woods and you need to click on X and return home.

    1. Thanks I’ll have to look into this again. I thought I had this fixed but I apparently have not found the cause of this problem. Maybe something I missed is not getting reset after the first time. The soonest I can fix this is tomorrow since I am away from home currently.

      I took out the whole thing in the online version though.

  3. In a message you sent to me (through newgrounds) you mentioned a premium version. Is that still a possibility? Congratz on finishing the game btw! I look forward to playing it among the other games I’m attempting to juggle =/.

  4. Congrats on the release! Went ahead and bought the ost, whenever you’re satisfied with the oppai pad let us know. I’ll be sure to buy one.

    1. Thanks~ it’ll probably be after a while on those mouse pads. I want to get few things done first.
      I will need to update UMCC so I am concerned about to do it. I can definitely see why it is most optimal to have just a single free version and just accept donations. or my case, a person could also get the soundtrack with a donation.

  5. Just completed UMCC whilst listening to the soundtracks included from bandcamp, Nice work. I really enjoyed playing again. Good ending, 4 hours 5 mins. ๐Ÿ˜€ but i have played 8.X so i knew what I was doing the new features such as the lingerie store were a very good call and overall I was very pleased with the game.

    1. Thanks, I’ll be adding updates over time. Got some comments on things can be made better.
      you might read my site updates under project section.

  6. Just wanted to say that I liked the game. I have not completed it, but there is something I would like to point out. For some of the girls who like to get their pictures taken, you can take them to the locker room and spam pictures on them to raise their relationship with you. It took me like 3 minutes to take a girl from lvl 2 -> lvl 15. Kinda broken in my opinion.

    Also, what are the differences between the online game and the full game. If there are any major changes I would consider buying it.

    1. Ah yeah nice find. I plan to just take donation so you can buy the full version only if you want to. I will have perks for donating something thoguh. I will make a post about it soon.

  7. Still playing through and I got a question about Savori (I’ll keep this spoiler-free). In her quest, the journal hints at 2 routes at one point and 3 routes towards the end. If there is 2/3, I can never seem to get one to work. I can get the bad end and the good end….but that second way to possibly get the good end escapes me.

    1. Yes you are right, I don’t even have to check to remember that. There is really only two endings, good or bad. there also is just a nothing kind of ending for starting the quest but not taking anymore photos to keep advancing that quest further after the first locker room incident.

  8. This is a great game, I started within 10 minutes, getting hang of it. Then suddenly I’m on the verge of my 5th hour.

    As for noticeable things for the online game
    1. You can spam the photo part
    2. Some weird image just flashes when I’m trying to reach the city, it’s only for a milli second but can be annoying sometimes.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I will looking into the flashing part and add it to the list of things to do.

      1. I just realized that the flashing part is somewhat the hair. It occurs frequently with intervals whenever you go anywhere not only when reaching the city.

        1. Thanks I need to have it set to run the code keep it invisible when it loads.
          Currently it runs in the first time fame of a new area. So you will see it for 1/30th of a second.

      1. What are the odds that a user will call him/herself Lynn? LOL

        A lot more Yuri? Well you do have Pattie and I’m sure she have lots of fantasy ideas with Maiko. I mean didn’t you made Pattie for that purpose?

        The only question for Vortex00 would be is how is UMCC doing in Newgrounds?

        1. well Pattie already liked Maiko a lot but it wasn’t at yuri level initially.
          one person mentioned just simply have the yuri stuff at the store able to do with other students.
          overall it just seems that I need to have those little unique dialogue interactions with friends like in the shower but for other stuff also. and a normal talk button without the subjects. Just a lot of writing. I’m guessing because It probably makes up for the animations not being super amazing.

    1. I just realized the priced a had defaulted back to $7. I ran out of free downloads but it gave me some more and I was able to set it back to pay what you want.
      There is nothing after the last scene on the offline version however there is more things to do during the game.

  9. i have the off line version and for some reason i can not take off her shirt so i cant take the one pic that i need to join that one club

    1. have the tablet up when you try it.

      this is a video demonstration of it.
      I also finished the updated version so it will be up soon and that issue was on of the ones that was addressed.

        1. I finished it recently. But I am working on the moddable character additions. I plan to actually finish implementing the ability to do that today. So i want to have that version in the e-mail.

          Then I need to update my e-mail list. them find a way to make them into a distribution list so I don’t have to e-mail each person individually. I am extremely far behind on e-mail and site related stuff. I also need to install a few plugins here so I can try to open registrations back up.

          It takes me the entire day to just responding to stuff to get all caught up. and over the weekend I pretty much put off everything and just hardcore focused on getting stuff done in the game.

  10. This game is great. Thanks for you work. I hope you will continue working on it and add more content.

    1. I will work on adding in the suggestions given to me for a time and then I will need to move on. It all gets better, but not if I am stuck on upgrading the same game. it would probably be better to start a fresh sequel with all the ideas already in mind so I code it properly. I didn’t originally code the game with the idea of continuously adding things onto it. Also know that UMCC is just a small piece in the whole story and the same characters and others will appear in other games and other sim games and have a connected story. I just needed to describe Maiko and her personality and all of the surrounding characters as a foundation for everything else I will make later.
      DoE,UMCC, and ARIA set up the foundation for what is to come.
      Things are just getting started.

  11. i cant seem to get of the females to go into yuri with me. i have the bandcamp version so is that it?

        1. there is for those that donated at least 1 dollar when donating or who are on my patreon patrons. I checked the e-mail you used to make this post, but it doesn’t match any e-mails of donors. If you paid one dollar send me a message through bandcamp. Otherwise please wait for version 2.

  12. alright was curious. my bandcamp email is different from this one because this account is ancient as hell. i will donate probs tomorrow or so. i do love the game though.

  13. There is a small bug I found during the sex scenes in the forest, beach, and school (after you unlock the security cameras). The males have what looks like part of a skirt covering the front of there testicles. I also had an idea that after you purchased a dildo (and didn’t give this one to the teacher) you could have a girl on girl sex scene with which ever girl you brought to the house using the dildo (You should have to have a relationship level of 5 or so. and if you try to do it before that level they get upset, leave, and give you -5 relationship. also you would need the second book, the one that lets you have sex).

    I also have a few questions.
    1. Why can’t we take male partners into the lingerie store? (You could have a boob job scene, a blow job scene, or an anal scene in there.)
    2. Why can’t we have more options when in the house? I mean being able to give a blow job instead of having to go to sleep in order to get the sex scene.
    3. Why can’t we have actual sex in the house? Why does it have to be in a forest or beach?
    4. ( a request)We should be able to do something to female partners in the shower after your relationship level is high enough (lets say 5 or 6) and only after we get the 1st book (the one that lets you give hand jobs)

    Also I just wanted to say that this is one of the best (adult) game I have played in a long time. For the longest time Sim Girls was the best dating sim, but not any more.

    1. Joe’s answers are pretty accurate

      most of your first paragraph is already in update 1. almost literally word for word as you describe it except for the relationship -5 part.

      1. you should be able to take males into the shop. but the shop owner only allows Yuri play. she is pro girl on girl. Maybe I will change Maiko’s text to reflect that. but it designed for just yuri stuff

      2. there is no reason why you “can’t” have it. I just haven’t added anything else yet for that part. I am working on other parts of the game currently. Also there are various technical reasons I would need to overcome to shuffle stuff around in the game without crashing flash. I think I have over 100 gigs of hard drive allocated to ram and the games still runs out memory to compile and save very easily.

      3. Outside sex was personally requested just like your own request you asked in number 4. so I put some sex outside towards the end of the first release version of the game. Now people want it inside and in the shower among other places. I have not reach the point of adding that in.

      4. I will add to the list of suggestion and requests. But I don’t know what “something” is. you would need to be more descriptive. send me a message if you don’t want to type it here or something.

      Thanks for your comments

      1. Holy shit I forgot about that page! >_< My bad guys anyways scripted text of what the characters conversation say or ideas go here on this link. http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/2014/02/01/umichan-script-and-senario-ideas/

        Note to Vorex00 dude this is going to get out of hand people writing ideas and bug reporting on the the bug report topic forums page. I think in the future the next post you do is after you write the text at the very bottom you write for script and ideas go here for bug report go here after you finish creating the new topic for that one flash game to be tested for bugs in here: http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/forums/forum/bug-reporting/

        And just write where you want them to write about otherwise it’s going to become a cluster fuck of keeping track of things.

        I just finish hyper linking the other user where to go to bug report and forgot about the script and ideas page.

          1. I remember this the things to do list update you have. Guess newer shit just keep popping up. However new bug report should still be reported on the Bug Forums than be all around the site to try to find. That way if you want to add it into your things to do list bug fix that you have in the hyper link you just posted would make it easier on you.

  14. 1. Keep in mind the game evolve around Maiko. The store that she shops around the corner the Agent HQ is right there. Many of the stores that do illegal activity, try to keep it as much as a secret as they can. The idea the Yuri was put in Lingerie Store was because users complain they isn’t enough Yuri so this was created for it. Putting a male to enter in a Lingerie Store don’t think is going to happen. There are many already places as option to male sex. Lingerie is the answer for female sex.

    2. There is a BJ scene in her house before she goes to sleep if you have the right sex book that you can buy. At the same time you do make a good point. Anyways Vortex00 is busy putting the rest of the other stuff and fixing the bug. All I can say is wait and see what he have plans on the updates. He is still updating and fixing the game.

    3. Good question about the only answer I can give you is he is one guy doing the animation, the music, the drawing, the text and the code programming all by himself. Not bad for a guy doing everything himself. But you make a point there have to be a reason…. maybe the male student don’t want to be seen having sex with a dork? LOL Maybe if she is popular enough or is like enough can have the option right there at her house. Anyways she is a dork a hot chick inside a dork mentality. She is the dork of the school that the bullies make fun off. The last thing they need is them self be seen with a dork.

    4. I see hentai options in the shower, I don’t see why not but it would mean that the update might take longer to finish. If Vortex00 decide to do that.

    I agree it is one of the better adult flash games out there on the web. Anyways the reason I’m answering question is because he is busy writing making the code on the flash UMCC plus he is also working on Aria. He spend more time answering question than working on the flash. So me Justjoe2k and jccq89 will be answering your question as best of are ability we can. I been here since the early beginning watching this site move into 3 different domains. All I can tell you is I have seen this game have big changes over the years. It started as a First Person View flash on almost everything you do. Into what you see today.

  15. Oh shit I forgot that you guys had a fourm. Also I thought I would let you know I just posted a link to this game on reddit. Maybe it will help you guys get some more money and a little more publicity.

    1. Thanks, well from what I have seen in other places, people either really like this game or they really don’t. And the game is usually often unfairly compared to processional level games with a full production teams.

    2. Vortex00 is the one making money I’m just a user just like you. Only I been here since the early days of the site when it was just well kind off me alone in this site. LOL I write stuff on the forums because there was nothing there. Some people join than gone never heard from again. Some stayed like jccq89. Anyways another hobby Vortex00 do is he reviews game demos of hentai action, adventure, RPG etc of hentai.

      He calls that section VortexPlays you can find it by going to video/animation than clicking on Vortexplays. To watch Vortex00 play demos of hentai giving his opinion on improvement that can be made for that hentai game. Believe it or not some users have responded on there site and think positive of another programmer giving a critic.

      Also there is the old forum mini games of flash to get high score in the game section with lots of mini game. It was a test to see how it works on the site. Try it here. You can play there old Umichan Maiko and try to beat the high score. LOL

  16. Alright well I said something because I think it should depend more on the character the act is being preformed on(probably too much to add to the online version but you could possibly add it to the offline version) . Also since we are talking about shower scenes I’ll include guys. But any way here I go.

    Pattie- Has shown interest in Girl on Girl so probably something like scissoring, or Her preforming oral on Maiko(while she is sitting/laying on the floor of the shower)
    Luma- in the beginning should be the dominant one until you beat her in all the club activities which would reverse the dominance. So Luma at first should sit on Maiko’s face and then at the end Maiko would sit on Luma’s face.
    Riley- These two are best friends so I think it would be a little more like experimentation then full on Girl on Girl sex. So Making out with each other maybe some light fingering.
    Chris- Since he is really shy Maiko would be the dominant one so she would probably give him a blow job.
    Zytra- Water sports?
    Joey- She seems so interested in breasts so Maiko should play with Joeys breasts (licking, fondleing, ect.)
    Amber- Maiko Would be dominant and would preform oral sex on her.
    Greel- Doggy style( She would be standing but bent over)
    Kyle- 69 Maiko on top him on the bottom.
    Roise- She says that she is “experinced” so Maybe scissoring?
    Savori- Since at the end it says that she doesn’t feel comfortable with “sex” because of her dad. So maybe it should just be just kissing or light fingering/rubbing.
    Jeni- She is dominant and commanding so Maiko should preform oral on her. She should say something like “Get on your knees bitch”
    Leyah- I feel like she is just so confident that they would be equal dominance. So 69
    Joiry-Missionary style
    David- Since he is always saying he wants to fuck those huge tits lets make it true.
    Tsugo – Boob job
    Jinru- Boob job or doggy style
    Lynn- I feel like she should be a freak in bed. Something kinda perverted. 69? I’m not really sure.
    Dizzy- Would be oral sex she would be on her knees while Maiko would be standing back against the wall.

    Now I do realize that this is a fuck ton to add especially becasue it would both be personalized. and I understand if you can’t add it. But the top 3 things you really should add. 1. Boob job 2.oral (For the girls) 3. Making out(both girls and guys).

    Thanks for reading!

    1. Good ideas however I will not give you sense of false hope. I highly doubt these unique animations based on the characters relationship with Maiko will make it into this game. The best I can do right now is have unique dialogue to cover this. However that isn’t to say for future titles or in the form of imported swfs. Basically, I would need to break this game down if I want to continue adding stuff to it. But even before that I would need to sort out some technical issues that limits what I can add to the game.

      Probably better to save across the board changes like this for a sequel. You might also be interested in a games called ARIA that I will begin to work on later probably after update 2. It has some unique sex animations based on relationships between the characters.

    2. By the look of your list I’ll say many of them you don’t know there personality.

      Lynn is very naive on the world around her. Her body guard would kill anyone male student that gets close to her. She is very shy even on other females. Lynn plays a important role of what is going on the other games.

      Here is a small wiki page of this universe it is not the best but helps to try to explain the games universe.


  17. may i ask how do i succesfully save, i have tried to but when ever i come back, it says i have nothing saved.

  18. i want to buy the game but can’t because i ve no credit card, is there maby an other way i can pay??

    1. Keep in mind he is from the USA, what other way to buy do you have in mind? Link to other currency alternative might help out Vortex00 determine if it’s possible.

  19. Wow, havent finished the online version yet, but its really awesome! Loved this game. What did you use to make it? Flash?

    1. I need more of a description than that so see what you are doing wrong.

      the update alone contains the whole game, just open that in the flash player or your internet browser.

    1. it really helps to know what operating system you are using.
      just make sure your browser or computer can save flash shared objects.

      also when you save it makes a character string.
      you can copy it to a text file and use that to load your progress by pasting it into the text box on the load icon screen.

    1. I felt it necessary to explain characters like Maiko and few others in preparation for things further along in the story. I haven’t even gotten to the main character yet. All the games I make follow the same story and/or are based in the same universe. Finishing all the parts is the objective.

    1. you can safely assume all of the characters to be over 18. Though some might display various kinds of energetic, even youthful, character personality types.

      I can also say that there are no lolicon, child, or chibi type characters in this game.

      however if I made a game with nothing but lolicon characters and said they were all 500 years old would you still play it ? it is something to think about.

  20. Hi, I cannot seem to get the fellatio scene in her room. I have tried with 3 different boys now Jori, Greele, and David. Can you help me. Also: I have all the pleasure books too.

    1. Relation needs to be above some number I forgot exactly what. 5 is the safe bet. make sure you are playing update 3. has a blue heart of the title screen. and pressing by the “>>” in her room until you eventually get to it.

          1. Is it a continuation of the game’s story or is it entirely different?

          2. it is both. it is a new/different game that uses some of the sane scenes/story from umcc with more stuff added also.

    1. It’s a thing in anime. Pretty much any catgirl, or girl pretending to be a cat, says it. From what I gather it’s their version of meow.

  21. I have a question, and this isn’t to put down your work or anything but who is Maiko, anyway? From what I’ve gathered while playing the game, she seems like a petty, vapid individual who would do anything to prove her superiority to Luma in every facet of their lives. I ask because while I am interested in her as a character, as well as the other characters but her, in particular, I can’t seem to read her character. She’s mostly “out-of-it” and care-free, based on the dialogue between her and her classmates in the game.

    1. Get sweaty, go to locker room, remove shirt, snap a picture. Maiko will comment how her boobs look bigger in the picture. May want to send away any girls that may be present in the locker room, just in case you accidentally snap a pic of them instead.

  22. How can I access the footjob scene in the school? I know that I have to bring a boy with me during the evening but every time that I bring a boy with me to the footjob area, Maiko says something to the effect of “I have to wait until night time” and if I exit the school and come back during the night time, she says she doesn’t want to do that right now. What am I supposed to do?

    1. it is just how I have it. Any game you play from me that has a place to use a code, you can use that code. That might not always be the only code, but it will be one of them.

  23. I’ve finally played it to the very end, though I didn’t discover some secrets. Of course, I liked it.

    The most astonishing thing for me was Lynn’s behaviour. When I first saw how this educated girl agreed to have sex in the cafe toilet and then consented to take it from multiple unfamiliar guys in the sex club, my face was like:

    From that moment she’s become my another most favorite girl in the series.

    In general, I like the idea of a sex club, where you can bring any girl and then watch how the love is being born. I love this surprise effect, when you immediately realise that the girl you’ve been thinking of as a pure one, turns out to be a total hedonist in fact.

    The use of a dildo in Maiko’s room was cool. Bad that Maiko was the only girl who could ride on it (excluding a dildo in the sex club).
    I think, you should consider adding this function into UMCH. Would be excellent.

    I didn’t find any scenes with Mika. Moreover, there weren’t any hints (or were there?) that she’s into sex. It seemed pretty odd for me.

    I enjoyed sentinel battles, although the concept seemed crude to me. Some adjustments (especially on hacking – it was too overpowered) – and it would be great. Also I didn’t understand the meaning of sentinel’s parts and chips.

    If I recollect anything else, I’ll write. UMCC is a very worthy game.

    1. heh, however it’s the problem I have with UMCC. No matter how much Lynn likes Maiko she would never do that. The same is true of a few other the other girls.

      1. There must be a way. Notorious aphrodisiac maybe? It’d be great to see her in a massive action.

        By the way, does Lynn even have any sex experience? I remember seeing her in Bri’s dream in ARIA, but it was just a vision.

  24. I’m trying to complete the checklist for photoshoot. I can’t check off #12 “Make your support cum”. I took a guy to the park made him cum. Am I doing something wrong?

  25. I can’t believe i jacked to this game all fucking night.
    I played a whole ton of smut games, and read through a whole ton more h-doujins, and this one is the first game among all of them that’s been able to make me jack to it all night.. wow. Impressed.
    You sir creator, got some serious skills or one hell of a beginners luck.
    Either way i suggest making something much bigger than a tiny flash game.. with you in charge it’ll succeed most definitely.

    1. Maybe you should look into the sequel that is being created, hmm?

      You can find it on this website, it’s not done yet.
      But you could also check out ARIA another game by Vortex00

      There’s plenty of stuff on this website if you haven’t seen it. Why no explore a bit.

      1. Yeah i noticed the sequel mate but i dislike playing very unfinished stuff so for now i wait.
        Gonna replay cheaters a couple times more i think. ^^)
        Also i don’t find much fun in those arcade-ish shoot-em-up-in-space, i’m more of a rpg whore, so aria doesn’t exactly hit the spot.. but maybe i’ll try to get into it again sometimes later.
        But anyways what i meant by bigger than a flash game is, he should totally try something on the scale of.. say, tits for example. Or hhs.
        Generally would love to see more of rpg-ish stuff from this guy, he got a knack for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Try hentai high school (hhs) v1.05. (v1.07 is in HHS+ Development section).
            The 1.05 is a rather old version by now but those guys like to release only stable versions.
            Talk to them if you want too, there are a bunch of them working on just one game (as far as i’m aware) and hhs is rather similar to your classroom cheaters series i bet you can get some neat ideas from hhs and perhaps give some neat ideas to hhs devs in return, everyone wins. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun.

          2. Thanks for the info. I’ve had this version downloaded for quite a while now but haven’t played it yet.

  26. Also other scary stuff:
    1. Cheerleading minigame is my nightmare i can never figure that stuff out no matter how many times i try.
    2. Space shooter minigame is another nightmare, slightly lesser one.
    And i take it you can only win over Luma in space shooter right? for game club supremacy that is. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Doesn’t really work with oppai brick break it seems, unfortunately.
    3. Guitar play is the third nightmare, the notes come down so fast you barely have time to mash your keyboard frantically. xD

    PS: A bit disappointed with Savori’s dad quest.
    Despite the implications it seems you can only report this guy in the end. Pity.
    Could have been interesting three or even foursome, imo.

  27. So I thought I had seen all there was in this game. I guess I missed a thing or two. I was taking Dizzy for a walk and as I exit the school, I see something I had never seen before, some character named Kitty. Does anyone have any insight as to what this is or what I am supposed to do?

    Update: I guess there are a bunch of additional characters and having Dizzy with you as you enter the main hallway of the school triggers hidden dialogue.

  28. I realized after that that was what it was. It was funny because after almost a year, that was the first time I’d ever seen it.

    1. I don’t plan to add anything else to this game. If anything I wanted to just update the art at some point later.

  29. How I do the objective #12 and #13 of the photoshoot list?. I don’t find anywhere a video or something to know it…

    1. you need to grab a male friend to come with you to the park and you can make him cum like other guys there. for the other one you need a girl to come with you, press expose then snap a pic of her.

  30. Any hope for a straight up remake of this? I prefer this to UMCH but the new art is way better.

    1. Nah. I really dislike what this game turned into by the end of it. I prefer UMCH to this by light years. the only reason i’d remake this is so it can play natively in html5. even then i’d fix a lot of, what i see as issues, that people actually like.

        1. Sorry I need more information to be able to help you. what is stopping you from being able to play the offline version ?

  31. Hey, uh, i downloaded it, and it works for a few seconds (like i can see the gameplay) but after a few seconds the screen is covered with a black screen or something, while the actual screen is behind it. any ideas how to solve this?

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